The Lakes of Valparaiso Host Breakfast on the Go For Residents

The Lakes of Valparaiso Host Breakfast on the Go For Residents

A healthy, filling breakfast is the perfect way to start each day, but some days that's a bit more difficult than others. Early on Tuesday morning, the residents of The Lakes of Valparaiso had it easy and got to enjoy their breakfast on the go thanks to The Lakes staff.

The community often focuses on fun, lively events for residents and breakfast is no exception! Community Manager Kelly Reed-Stubblefield was an energetic host for the morning's event. She has over 25 years of experience in the apartment industry and loves ensuring each resident is enjoying events to their fullest. On Tuesday morning she personally greeted each guest and offered them breakfast choices.

"We do a lot of resident activities," said Stubblefield. "It's a great way to meet the residents and have them come out and join us."

Breakfast on the Go is a unique event for an apartment community. At The Lakes, residents can pull up to the clubhouse and receive a hearty breakfast item, juice, coffee, and be on their way. Tuesday morning's breakfast was delivered by Mr. Delivery, a service available to the Valparaiso area. The food was made by Kosmos and the coffee was provided by Fluid Coffee Bar.

Eric Berindei, owner of Mr. Delivery, was excited to be able to provide his services for the event. His company allows residents at The Lakes and beyond to order food from over 20 different restaurants in the area and have it delivered right to their doors.

"I wanted to help support The Lakes of Valparaiso, they've done a lot to help Mr. Delivery get started and we have a lot of customers out here," said Berindei.

As the morning's fog lifted, residents began to arrive for the delicious and convenient breakfast. Some residents even stopped by while walking their dogs to enjoy a few moments of conversation and community.

"I think it's pretty cool," said Katie, a resident at The Lakes. "It brings all the residents together; a lot of the time we don't get a whole lot of chances to meet our neighbors if we're not walking around."

Clearly The Lakes of Valparaiso takes apartment living to a new high. Designed with the resident in mind, The Lakes offer a one-of-a-kind living experience through their events, amenities, and living space. The community and all those who work with them strive for a positive experience for all residents.

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