The Lakes of Valparaiso neighbors chase away the Monday blues with mimosas

The Lakes of Valparaiso neighbors chase away the Monday blues with mimosas

In groups of two, or four, or one, they came. Dressed up in work suits, dressed down in sweats, accompanied by strollers, residents of all ages gathered in the clubhouse at The Lakes of Valparaiso.

They were brought together by the promise of mimosas (orange juice for the young ones), cheese, crackers, and camaraderie as part of the complex’s annual Monday Mimosa social hour. 

“I think it’s a great idea, especially to help residents get to know each other,” said Lakes resident Michelle Espar.

Mimosa Monday 2019

Mimosa Monday 2019 18 Photos
Mimosa Monday 2019Mimosa Monday 2019Mimosa Monday 2019Mimosa Monday 2019

Espar has been to every social event at The Lakes of Valparaiso clubhouse since she moved in a few months ago. 

As the room slowly filled and glasses started emptying, the sounds of laughter and conversation built to a comfortable crescendo. Neighbors recognizing each other from across the parking lot, summer pool time, or even other social events shook hands and made introductions.

“Mimosa Monday is all about bringing the community together so they mingle and get to know each other, the community, and the staff as well,” said Kristina Davis, Resident Manager at The Lakes of Valparaiso.

The happy hour get-together is just one example of the twice-monthly (and sometimes more) events hosted by the Lakes of Valparaiso to help foster a sense of community. 

A lot of work goes into planning these events, and Davis said she was excited for the opportunity to meet those who came out to join in the fun.

Toward the end of the summer, the subdivision invited some of its four-legged residents (and their parents) to a puppy plunge day at the pool. Other social events planned by the staff include an upcoming movie night starring everyone’s favorite friendly ghost, a treat day for feline-friendly homes in honor of National Cat Day, and a caramel apple and cider social.

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