The Lakes of Valparaiso Offers Top-Notch Amenities, Sense of Community

Lakes-Of-Valpo-2K17Generally, apartment communities seem to offer the same basic amenities. Of course, residents get a roof over their heads, a bedroom, and some maintenance, but outside of that, most fail to offer additional amenities. For a young family needing entertainment, or someone looking to be involved, a lack of amenities just doesn’t cut it.

The Lakes of Valparaiso is one community where amenities, quality, and a caring staff can be expected. From the buildings to the community events they host, staff like the Community Manager, Amanda Carney, are sure to invest time in planning for an enjoyable experience.

“When people own their own home or live in other apartments, they have to reach out into the community themselves to find something to do. Here, we reach out to them and we let them know of resident or community events they can attend,” Carney explained.

A community focus guides the team on every decision that’s made, which is important considering the scale of the community. Hoping to finish up in December, there is currently construction on one portion of the property, which once completed, will bring the total of apartments to 407. Despite the large number of apartments, plenty of care and thought was involved during the planning phases.

“It speaks to the community that we’ve built that we’ve used high quality exterior building materials as well as interior. We took a lot of care when we picked out the color variations so every building isn’t the same, it’s warm and inviting and welcoming,” said Angela Fielder, Vice President of Real Estate Operations for Weiss Entities, the firm that owns The Lakes of Valparaiso.

That planning and care wasn’t stopped with the buildings themselves, though. The property also boasts a multitude of wetlands and mature trees, which were left undisturbed during construction.

“There’s a lot of natural beauty we kept in place and didn’t disturb. I think a lot of residents appreciate that and there are quite a few apartments that have really incredible views,” explained Fielder.

Speaking on the beauty of a community only goes so far, though. Amenities are key to living happily and successfully in a new community, and the lifestyle offered is amazing. The Lakes of Valparaiso offers a multitude of events and services to make daily life simpler for residents.

“We have bikes here, they can borrow a bike to use for the day. If they need postage stamps, our concierge has postage, if they want us to make a dinner reservation for them, we can make it. We want to make our residents lives a little less hectic,” said Fielder.

That, of course, isn’t the end to the amazing benefits the community offers. Aside from stress free living, this unique property boasts a clubhouse full of additional perks for residents. The property has an outdoor grill and firepit area, indoor televisions, a conference room, and a concierge available for resident convenience.

“I think the 24-hour gym is simple; it’s in their community, it’s 24 hours, and they don’t need to get into the car and drive to the gym,” said Carney. “Having a pool right here is also great and the playground being here on property is convenient. They don’t have to drive. It’s all right here.”

In the area, there isn’t another apartment community that focuses so much on community and resident amenities. The Lakes of Valparaiso offers a truly unique living experience that enables residents to enjoy life with a few less worries.