The Link from St. Paul, May 22, 2014

By: Saint Paul Catholic School Last Updated: May 22, 2014

The-Link-May-22-2014My week as the Saint Paul Catholic School principal was awesome! There's a lot of behindthe- scenes stuff, but I can't tell you everything because there is sort of a teacher code. I can tell you that the food in the teacher's lounge is amazing. I was lucky enough to be principal during "Staff Appreciation Week" so I had to eat a lot of delicious cinnamon rolls! Breakfast in the lounge was my favorite thing for sure, but getting out of class for a few hours during the week wasn't too bad either.

The whole experience was great. I especially liked passing out all the honor roll awards. Handing out those awards to every kid who earned the honor roll made me feel happy and I'm just a student too. There's more to being a teacher than I thought. They have paper work too but it isn't called homework. All the teachers were really nice and treated me like a staff member too.

Doing the announcements every morning was really cool. A couple of staff members told me that I have a commanding voice. Were kids listening because of the voice or because I was the principal? I don't know, but I do know that being another part of Saint Paul was so much fun and I'll always remember the great experience I had at the end of my eighth grade year. Thank you Mrs. Scupham and all my fellow staff members!

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