The Vegan at Fiddlehead is a tasty alternative to real meat

The Vegan at Fiddlehead is a tasty alternative to real meat

“Where’s the Beef?” is not a question you’ll be asking yourself when you eat the Impossible Burger at Fiddlehead. In fact, after tasting the delicious burger, you may just be asking yourself, “Why eat beef anymore?” 

The Impossible Burger is the newest trend in vegan burgers and has made a home at Fiddlehead in Michigan City in the form of The Vegan. Nestled in a pretzel bun, the burger is topped with daiya cheese, crispy onion straws, fresh romaine lettuce and tomato, with a zing of BBQ sauce. The Vegan is a yummy alternative for those looking for a meat-free burger.

“I really liked the Impossible Burger. It comes on a pretzel bun with BBQ, but you should try it with the chipotle mayo! The onion straws elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary,” said customer Christine Zeldenrust.

The Vegan at Fiddlehead is made with the Impossible Burger “meat” and, as this writer experienced, is just as delicious and satisfying as a beefy burger. From taste to mouthfeel, The Vegan hits the spot in every way. You can hardly taste the difference and the texture has the same consistency as a beef patty.

Cutting into the burger, you can see the juices dripping and omnivores know that juiciness is a good predictor of tastiness in a burger. That is not something you normally see in a vegan patty, and that extra measure to ensure the Impossible Burger is as much like a meat patty was well worth it. There’s an extra oomph of flavor and the eye is fooled into believing that it really is meat.

So just how did the ingenious people at Impossible Burger get their patties to taste, look, and feel so much like the real thing? Starting with the basic question of “What makes meat taste good?”, the Impossible Burger folks looked into the chemical structure of meat. They found that the molecule Heme, which is found in every living plant and animal, was essential to giving plant-based foods that tasty meat flavor.

What followed was a lengthy process of taking that Heme molecule from soy plants and turning it into an important ingredient in the Impossible Burger. You can read all about the exact science here:

They then took the Heme and mixed it with soy and potato proteins, as well as coconut and sunflower oils for that juiciness, and bound it all together with methylcellulose, which is often used in ice cream or jams as a culinary binder.

All of that science and thought into what to add to the Impossible Burger made The Vegan at Fiddlehead one of the tastiest vegan burgers this writer has tasted. And knowing that it was m made completely from plants made getting those supremely delicious truffle-parmesan fries a completely guilt-free decision. 

But don’t take our word for it, head on over to Fiddlehead to taste for yourself just how good vegan can be.

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