These Boys Bleed Green and White

By: Ryan McCormick Last Updated: November 19, 2010

It was a windy and clear November day. Nice, beautiful, but chilly. There was something else in the air though. Tension. Boys with athletic jerseys walked quickly to the clubhouse adjacent to the Viking football field. And, it wasn't just because it was cold. These boys were outfitted not with grins, snickers, or whimsical afterthoughts. No, these boys were men with the demeanor of a cougar ready to strike its prey. As they filed out of the clubhouse to board the buses, whatever those boys heard from their coach, they were wearing on their faces. The boys soberly packed their things under the bus and got in line to be checked off by a coach before boarding the bus.

Three buses in all took off led by a police, fire truck, and ambulance escort. They rounded the high school with the first response vehicles blaring their sirens and horns as fans, moms and dads, and students lined up to wave and cheer for their Vikings. The escort continued all the way down Campbell passing Benjamin Franklin Middle School where they again were met with wild-eyed students whooping and hollering for their team.

There's something deeper here. And, it's not just in the water. These boys bleed green and white.

Check out the photos from the sending off here!

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