Thomas Jefferson Middle School Presents Tailgating, School Spirit, and Fall Football

Thomas Jefferson Middle School Presents Tailgating, School Spirit, and Fall Football

On Tuesday, Thomas Jefferson Middle School’s Parent Advisory Group hosted its 1st Annual Tailgating Party in celebration of all the fall sports, which included cross country, volleyball, football, and gymnastics. This event was created to promote school spirit and to allow students to have a fun outing after school before the big rivalry football games between the Thomas Jefferson Middle School Vikings and the Chesterton Middle School Trojans.

“The TJMS Parent Advisory Group wanted to host an event for students right after school, just so they did not have to worry about getting a ride here, which is when a pre-football game tailgate came to mind,” said Beth Krutz, TJMS Principal.

Students at TJMS enjoy attending football games, especially the high school games, which helped decide and finalize the type of event to put on by the Parent Advisory Group.

“The kids really love going to the high school games, so we thought it would be fun to have a Fall tailgate to help promote school spirit and just to have a fun time,” stated TJMS Parent Advisory Group Co-Chair, Michelle Coberg.

The tailgate had food, games, and even a live band, The Codenames, featuring TJMS students. The event was sponsored by the TJMS Student Council and the TJMS Parents Group, but also received help from numerous businesses around the area.

“We worked with a lot of organizations here around town including Blythes, The Valpo Parks Department, Family Express, Sandberg Towing, and Front Porch Music,” stated Mac Mcelhaney, one of the parents in the TJMS Parent Advisory Group.

Everyone’s help during the tailgate made it a fun and successful time. Following the tailgate, students and parents attended the TJMS A and B team football games that were played against their biggest rival, The Chesterton Middle School Trojans.

Head Football Coach, Erik Ledbetter loved that there was a tailgate prior to the game. “I think it was a really great idea to get the community and students involved by hosting a tailgate, and then coming out to our games.”

The stands were full of parents and very spirited TJMS students who yelled chants in unison to cheer on the Valpo Vikings.

The TJMS B football team defeated the Chesterton Middle School Trojans 12-0, but the A football team lost their battle.

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