Thomas Kia Named Indiana’s #1 Certified Kia Dealership!

Thomas Kia Named Indiana’s #1 Certified Kia Dealership!

For those who have had a car buying experience at Thomas Kia previously, this may not come as a surprise, but they have recently been named Indiana’s #1 Certified Kia Dealership. This is helped by the fact that they have the largest selection of used and pre-owned Kia vehicles as well as their excellent customer service.

Kia Dealers know that In order to qualify as a KDEP certified dealership, there are stringent standards. For example, a dealership must be consistently surveyed above the averages on a national basis for a few different categories. These include items that are important to customers during their buying experience such as facility cleanliness, adherence to capacity standards, high levels of training for the staff and goals for flawless service and sales processes.

This comes with benefits for the customer as well such as lower financing, and a longer warranty, like their 10-year, 100-thousand-mile warranty. Customers can also see interest rates as low as 1.9% when shopping at Thomas Kia in Highland, Indiana.

“It feels wonderful,” said General Manager Tom Seely, “There was a lot of hard work by sales staff to make this happen. The biggest benefit is to customers, though. When a younger person who maybe can’t afford a vehicle at some dealerships comes in, we can help them.”

“We are so excited to receive this award. It is an award that truly shows the opinions of the people we serve in the community and that means the most to us,” said Mo Youssef of the news.

This attitude of helping their customers get the best experience and walk out with a quality vehicle is what has landed Thomas Kia this Certification, and it is something they plan on maintaining.

Kia Motors America honors individual Kia dealers who consistently perform at an outstanding level. They review Kia dealers across the nation for top notch practices and expertise in operations, high sales volumes and branding compliance. If the dealership performs at a consistently high level they are awarded the coveted KDEP certification.

“We have a 180 point inspection, great financial terms that will save thousands for customers coming in looking for a new car,” said Seely of the benefits he sees for his customers.