Three Year Old is Undefeated in Her NFL Predictions

By: Tim Campos Last Updated: September 21, 2011

Huddleup2Three year old, Adrienne Campos of Huddle Up with Tim and Adrienne fame, is currently 6-0 in her NFL predictions this season. Typically during each show Adrienne will pick an early Sunday game, a late game and the Monday night game. So far this season she is undefeated. She even announced at the end of the episode Sunday, “Take it to the bank!” Her father, Timothy Campos, and sidekick for the show said, “We typically try to pick some of the more difficult match ups each week. What can I say, she knows her football.”

Huddle Up is a web series featuring Tim Campos and his three year old daughter, Adrienne. Each episode runs a minute and a half long while they discuss football news, predictions, being a fan and the conflicts of raising a child and watching football.

The series started opening weekend of the 2010 football season when Tim and Adrienne made a quick video and posted it on the web. There was such a positive reaction and interest that they just kept on making them. So far they have made twenty-seven episodes. More than the sum of its parts, the series is about football and family - striking a chord with football fans and non-fans alike. Adrienne was only two and a half when the series started and viewers have also commented on how they enjoy watching her grow up.

Tim has a background as an actor and playwright. He is originally from Detroit, MI and after transferring for work now lives in Illinois. He and Adrienne are still die hard Lions fans and are excited about all the improvements that the organization has made. “This is an opportunity to support my team, be creative, and to spend time with my daughter. Adrienne really enjoys making the episodes and often her ideas or what she does is better than anything I could have scripted.”

The concept for the show is to be quick, loose and funny. Viewers feel a connection to Tim and Adrienne as if they are getting ready to watch football with their friends. Between You Tube and Facebook Huddle Up is above 175 subscribers and is growing.