Thrivent Contribution Aids Local Homeless

thrivent-project-neighborsThe Greater Valparaiso Group of Thrivent Financial and its Community Advisory Board recently presented a check for $13,000 to Neighbors Place, a development of Project Neighbors, which will provide affordable housing for 18 homeless women in Porter County.

Under the leadership of Paul Schreiner, two floors of the former Healthlinc building are being converted to suite style housing which will be managed by the staff of Housing Opportunities. The first occupants were scheduled to move in September.

On any given day in Porter County, more than 200 people are homeless and a recent study reports that 71 percent of those are women. According to research by the Porter County Coalition to End Homelessness, a key contributor to this problem is the lack of affordable rental units in the area.

“We embrace this organization and their objective to end homelessness in our community.” Bill Maar states, regarding the relationship between Thrivent Financial and Project Neighbors. Thrivent Financial is a financial services organization that helps Christians be wise with money and live generously, by offering a broad range of products and services – from life insurance to mutual funds to annuities and financial guidance.

Pictured above from left to right, Bill Maar, Thrivent Financial Wealth Advisor, Paul Schreiner, Neighbors Place, and Phyllis Schroeder, President of the Thrivent Community Advisory Board