“Time Travels”: Photography and Paintings by ANKO

By: Anneke Dekker Last Updated: August 29, 2011

Time-Travels-Anneke-Dekker-1There is something about traveling to far away, exotic place that satisfies some yearning in the soul. To go back in time, to experience places, people, ways of life and traditions that one day soon, will be lost forever to “progress”. The Lost City . . . . . The Cradle of Humankind . . . . . The Road to Mandalay . . . . . The Irrawaddy River . . . . . The Temples of Bagan . . . . .

For this show “Time Travels” ANKO shares some of her experiences traveling over time, some of the photos taken during those years and some of the paintings inspired by those travels.

  • South Africa: unique wildlife, exotic trees and nature, and folklore.
  • Namibia: stunning landscapes, a living fossil, the Welwitschia and the Himba people.
  • Madagascar: incredible views from the air and brilliant blue houses dotting the landscape.
  • Burma: Buddhist monks, colorful markets and the longest teak footbridge in the world.
  • South America: street markets, street performers and the colorful La Boca in Buenos Aires.
  • And back home: A special Garden Fairy.

Please join Anneke, family and friends at the free Opening Reception at the La Porte County CVB Artists Gallery, Friday, September 9 from 5 – 8 pm