Tips and tricks to keep your kids’ rooms organized and tidy

Tips and tricks to keep your kids’ rooms organized and tidy

It’s no secret that kids tend to be a bit messy. From toys, to books, to art, toclothes, it never fails that your house can turn into the kids’ house in a matter of seconds. With a few simple tips and tricks, however, you can get your kids’ room organized, and keep it that way, in no time. 

The first thing you have to do? Manage expectations. Many times, the kids’ room is of the smaller rooms in the house, so it’s likely to clutter much more quickly. Be patient. According to this blog post by Brilliant Results CleaningService LLC, if you teach your kids to become more invested in their property, they may start to value it more and treat it more kindly. Of course this takes practice, but it all starts with a few simple changes. 

Try leading by example. Before bed each day, do a quick pick-up of your own room to set an example for your children of a healthy, tidy routine. Then, encourage your children to tidy their own room. Remind them to put their toys in the bin and put dirty clothes and towels in the hamper, and before long, you won’t even have to remind them. Lastly, don’t forget about incentives. Your children can learn that responsibility can lead to positive outcomes like earning a new book or toy. Keep it fun. 

But, in order to get your kids on this routine of staying organized, everything needs a place. This post by Extra Space Storage gives us a few tips on creating that much needed storage space. Whether it’s under bed storage, closet space, dressers, or anything else to keep things out of reach, it’s important to have a variety of options.

Try going vertical. One benefit of vertical storage is that it allows you to put some toys too high up for the kids to reach, giving you a little bit of control over the messes on the floor. And if you have kids sharing a room, try bunk beds. This opens up the space and allows for less clutter. 

If your vertical options are tapped out, you can try going low with underbed storage. Whether building your own, going out and grabbing a storage bed frame, or just some simple totes, keeping the under bed storage organized can be key to keeping the room organized. 

Another great option for storage is the closet. Either built-in, walk-in, or store bought, keeping clothes hung and shoes in bins is a great way to stay away from the clutter of packing tiny clothes into the large drawers of a dresser. 

Lastly, be sure to decorate with bright and neutral colors. Going too bold can make a small room appear even smaller and even more cluttered. Painting and decorating with neutral colors, like gray, white, or beige with the occasional pop of color, is a great way to open-up the room and make it feel more comfortable. 

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