Tips from the Pro’s: Direct Mail Marketing with Flanagin’s Bulk Mail

By: Flanagins Bulk Mail Service Last Updated: January 27, 2010

Direct mail is one of the best forms of advertising to precisely pinpoint your target and give you measurable results. It's precise, it's effective and it's infinitely flexible. Not everyone reads a newspaper, not everyone uses a computer but everyone has a mailbox. The best idea is to couple your direct mail advertising with internet marketing. Although email, texting and social media might be free, they may not be as effective as direct mail. When your mail piece arrives in the mail box, someone for sure is going to see it, look at it and make a decision to act on it, open it and in many cases, save it.

If a saturation mailing (mailing to every single household on a postal carrier route) would work for you, it is a phenomenal value. You can mail 600 pieces for about $150.00 postage and labor included! You can zero in on specific neighborhoods or run a radius around your location. Another very important aspect is that this is not limited to a small postcard. You can mail an 8 ½ x 11 eye-catching postcard for the same price.

Since direct mail can be measured be sure to include an offer, coupon or response device. Also consider doubling the life of your mailing by making it a multi-month offer. In January you get coupon "A" and February you get coupon "B". There are easy ways to keep the cost within your budget and reach your intended market.