To Stay Young, Start Young

Porter Regional Healthy Hustle 2014 115Energy drinks, diet pills, wrinkle creams... we're all searching for ways to look and feel younger. Yet the simplest way to stay younger is to start younger!

"The best way to be a healthy and vibrant older person is to be a healthy and vibrant younger person," said Family Medicine Physician Annabel Yuen, D.O., with Westchester Medical Group.

Dr. Yuen serves patients of all ages and believes a proactive approach is key to good health. "In family medicine, we see that good health runs in families, often as a result of healthy habits," she said.
Everyday Habits. Lifelong Results.

Using her strategy to reduce the risk factors for the riskiest diseases, Dr. Yuen offers the following list of healthy habits that can add years and quality to your life while making you an excellent role model for your loved ones:

Move More. Dr. Yuen advises patients to strive for 30 minutes of low-impact exercise five days a week. "Low impact can mean walking, swimming or biking. If you enjoy a higher impact exercise, 40 minutes three times a week is equally effective," she said. "You don't have to run a marathon or do cartwheels, and you can start slow. As your cardiovascular fitness improves, you'll have more endurance, more confidence and the energy to exercise longer."

Stay Positive. "A positive attitude is a health booster," said Dr. Yuen. "Positive people make healthier choices. Don't underestimate the impact your positive choices can have on your health and on your family. There are no shortcuts to long-term health. It's one positive choice after another until it's a habit."

Sleep Well. Good sleep is vital to health and creating good bedtime habits can help us maximize those resting hours. "Research shows that even one night with too little sleep can affect your daytime performance, and mood. Over time, health suffers," said Dr. Yuen. "First, allow enough time for a good night's rest. If you struggle to sleep, look at your environment. Remove bright digital clocks, televisions and that smartphone. Don't eat or exercise close to bedtime. If sleeplessness persists, talk to your doctor. Cutting sleep hours doesn't lead to more productivity. It leads to more health problems."

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Dr. Yuen is a member of the medical staff at Porter Regional Hospital. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Yuen at Westchester Medical Group, call 219-926-2133.