Tom Feeney Offers Years of Experience at Tom Feeney School of Real Estate

Tom Feeney Offers Years of Experience at Tom Feeney School of Real Estate
By: Contributor Last Updated: April 9, 2018

For those interested in joining the real estate field, Tom Feeney and the Tom Feeney School of Real Estate have been a major factor in providing people the tools needed to achieve their dreams. Since 2014 the real estate school has been providing students with helpful first hand knowledge and experience to help them pass the state exam and move on to their careers.

That drive towards reaching the goal of employment has always been a big factor that pushed Feeney to start the school.

“I remember when I first started I knew what a house was but I soon found out that there was a lot more too it,” explained Feeney, “so now that I’ve been a broker for the last twenty years I try and provide my students with the knowledge I wish I had back then.”

It’s that experience that is perhaps the most helpful to the students at the Tom Feeney School of Real Estate as it helps translate the complicated world of realty into more easily understood principles.

“Again with the expertise that I have, I’m able to take the content for the real estate class and put it into a real world definition and help the students understand it, which is my ultimate goal” said Feeney.

With classes held in Michigan City as well as Hobart, students can see that real-world experience firsthand as Feeney’s work has always been located here in the region.

“I grew up in Northwest Indiana and I believe that being a broker here puts us in sweet spot,” said Feeney, “we have Illinois and others who want to migrate here. Between the six counties we have, especially the big three of Lake, Porter and LaPorte, everyone needs a place to live and we’re always housing.”

Students who attend the Tom Feeney School of Real Estate can expect not only Feeney’s experience but also a friendly classroom setting where learning can happen naturally. And once they do pass it’s only the state exam left before their futures can begin.

For one information you can check out Tom Feeny’s website or contact him directly at (219) 945-7685.