Tools of the trade: Perma-Green shares tips to caring for lawns

Tools of the trade: Perma-Green shares tips to caring for lawns

Lawn care is an important part of sustaining a healthy yard and garden. However, there is a lot of equipment needed to do it correctly. This necessary equipment can cost anywhere from a dollar to thousands of dollars, so it’s helpful to know more about some of the machines and tools that should be used for proper lawn care.

One of the most important machines for lawn care is the lawn mower. The lawn mower may seem simple but is actually a complex machine. Lawn mowers can vary drastically in price, from affordable options to very expensive alternatives at the top of the line. They are often quite large, making them difficult to store for some. However, they are a highly effective tool for cutting down vegetation.

Next, fertilizer machines help deliver nutrients to lawns. They help to provoke health and rehabilitation for all vegetation that comes in it’s path. These machines are very expensive unless a handheld crank apparatus is used. The hand crank fertilizing apparatus is very affordable and is favored by many DIY (do-it-yourself) gardeners. Although this hand crank apparatus is not as convenient as the real machine, it delivers and spreads the nutrients to the plants in a more cost effective method.

Aerators are superb tools to use to break up dead grass, give water access to roots, bring oxygen to soil and fertilization to vegetation. These machines are on the expensive side but nonetheless get the job done. Aerators are also great for helping new grass to grow. They do this by puncturing holes in lawns, allowing new seeds to grow much easier.

Lastly, seed spreaders are a wonderful addition to any lawn care tool collection. They typically have a large scope of distance and can disperse seeds all over a yard very quickly. The seed spreader is an easy tool to use and has a simple mechanism to help disseminate seeds. This allows for easy repair, use, and maintenance.

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