Top 10 ValpoLife Voices Articles of 2013

Top-10-VL-Voices-20132013 brought a lot of thought-provoking, heart-warming, and inspirational pieces to us. It's important to us that not only do we get to share good news, but also that our community members share their good news with us. Our Voices Section was created to be an outlet for the positive stories, ideas, and thoughts of our readers. People from all over Northwest Indiana had something to say this year and we at ValpoLife were happy to accommodate.

Here are the Top 10 Voices Articles of 2013. Please read on and enjoy.

LPCL Voices

1. Proud to See the Community Come Together in An Emergency


Today, there was a fire in downtown Valparaiso. Normally, we wouldn't tell that story, but any time we can share a story about the volume of people that help with something like that - from the firefighters, police, city, investigators, NIPSCO, to demolition companies all working together, we have to highlight something like that. Plus you add in all the people that support those groups with supplies, equipment, food, physical care, and all the impacted businesses and organizations all combining to respond to a crisis in such short notice is truly the sign of a great community.


2. Alan Was Always Game


This piece is shared by Brian Williams, on the passing of Alan Bloom, Valparaiso University professor Another mourner has written Alan always had a smile, and I thought, “Yeah, that’s right, he did – and how’d he do that?” While for many of us life presents an ongoing challenge to remain up, Alan was always up, he was always eager. In point of fact, maybe he didn’t always have a smile. But he always had a gleam in the eye that seemed to be equal parts delight, challenge to you and gameness. Read more...

3. Blackbird Diaries: Flip It Today. Everyone Around You Knows You Can.


Those close to me are aware of my fondness for the term "flip", as it is often at the heart of whatever my strangely wired brain is thinking when approaching any situation. How do you flip your thinking on something around you to take a whole new perspective different from however you are thinking about it right now, how to use a moment in time to flip the emotion, momentum, direction, attitude, and outcome of an activity, or how do you help flip others to help them achieve whatever it is they are chasing. Those really close to me also have shared a moment or two when I am "flipping" out when something or someone is not as "flipping" ______ as I would like them to be. :) Read more...

4. "If She Can Do It, So Can I!"


We love to be active. We love to sweat. We love to eat healthy. We love to push ourselves to the limit and then pass it. But why? It hurts. We’re tired. We get sore and dirty, then ravenous after the strenuous activities that we put ourselves through. It’s tough and tricky, sweaty and strenuous, and man oh man… carbs everywhere. Read more...

5. We're All in This Together


HA! Gotcha! This week's writer for Why I LOVE Being Active in NWI was a contestant on The Biggest Loser. Before going on the show she lost 112 pounds on her own and when Courtney Crozier went to the ranch she lost another 110 pounds which brought the total to 222 pounds lost. This makes her a weight loser. Crozier didn't stop there. She continues to work out and reach all of her fitness and health goals. Read on below to find out more! Read more...

6. Finding Comfort in Our Own Community


Last Friday, December 14, Northview Elementary celebrated its Blue Ribbon School certification. All the classrooms were open with smiling teachers standing the doorways to greet us as we walked the halls. In the gym there was cake and some nifty science displays assembled by young brilliant minds; the school choir performed a few holiday songs, and the library hosted a book fair full of stories of adventures, spooky places and sports heroes. A photographer set up shop in one of the classrooms where families could pose for a picture to commemorate the moment. Read more...

7. "I Needed Something to Do."


This weeks story of Why I Love to be Active in NWI is proof that the best things come when you least expect them and from the most unexpected places. Becky Kreiger, the Recreation Director for Porter County Parks and Recreation shares her story about how she came back to Indiana when she was in a tough spot in her life. She began to run and things began to turn around, one step at a time. Read more...

8. It Takes An Army "

sparkforchange rotator5

2013 is here and this is my our year. Well, maybe not year, but in two months, I will be taking that walk down the aisle, looking my honey in the eye as I say: “I Do.” Read more...

9. Praise for VCS Principal Selection Process


Kudos to the Valparaiso Community Schools system for a job well done in selecting a new principal for Memorial Elementary School.  Read more...

10. Blackbird Diaries: The Powers That Would Be Me


“Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and they are always glad you came.” I’m probably dating myself when mentioning the lyrics of this song from the popular 1980’s show Cheers, but I’ll take that risk if it means that I can better prove a point. Read more...