Top 10 videos on Valpo.Life in 2022

Top 10 videos on Valpo.Life in 2022
By: Carter Dahlgren, Collin Gee, Gwen Mathis, Jenny Craig Brown, Madison Dinga Last Updated: December 27, 2022

One of our favorite things to do at GreatNews.Life is to get together with partners, community members, or organizations to share good news in a way that is fresh and exciting. That often comes through as a video! Being able to film what’s happening around us and share that with the community has been a particularly special part of 2022.

We welcomed CEOs and local leaders to the table to chat with our Founder Chris Mahlmann, we celebrated achievements across healthcare organizations, we invited females and women supporters to our annual All About the Girls event, and we did it all with a video camera and a team who loves sharing positivity to our audience. 

In no particular order, here are the top 10 videos on Valpo.Life to recap the good news in 2022!

GreatNews.Life by the Numbers

Let's look at the numbers and all the amazing growth we saw in the past year! We published tons of good news, gained all sorts of followers, and spread many smiles to all of our readers. Follow us on YouTube for great news every week!

What it means to have true grit: All About the Girls Part 7

All About the Girls was a night full of inspiring and gritty women. This year's theme was grit with wonderful speeches from Jenny Craig-Brown, Nicki Caylor, Megan Applegate, Cindy Lopez, Buffy Adams, Julie West, & Dr. Vanessa Allen-McCloud!

All About the Girls: Natalie Mahlmann

This episode features Natalie Mahlmann who serves our community in many ways. She is the Administrative Assistant for the Valparaiso Police, Financial Director at GreatNews.Life, and is a founding member of the GreatNews.Life team with her husband & Founder, Chris Mahlmann. Natalie is known to be one of the kindest community members we have here in the region. Get to know her here!

All About the Girls Podcast: Dr. Stella Kyung

This episode features Dr. Stella Kyung, a cardiologist from Northwest Health. We dive into the topic of cardiology and how to keep your body healthy. She also gave information about her history, her family, and how she really handles it all. GreatNews.Life and Podcast Host Jenny Craig-Brown have transformed the All About the Girls annual event into a podcast! These monthly episodes feature incredible women giving the audience all the insight about what makes them happy, successful, and motivational. New episodes launch on Sundays to make sure to start your week on a positive note!

Leadership Life Series | NIPSCO President Mike Hooper | What are you looking for in your next leaders?

In this segment, NIPSCO President Mike Hooper sits down with GreatNews.Life Founder and Owner Chris Mahlmann to talk about future leaders. 

Hooper noted he’d like to see more upcoming leaders at NIPSCO that have different leadership styles than himself to add diversity to the company. The variety in life experiences adds more perspectives to the workplace, making it easier to problem solve and get things done. 

Leadership Life with Adam O’doherty

Before stepping into his role earlier this year as CEO and President of United Way of Northwest Indiana, Adam O’Doherty was working hard to make a positive impact on lives across the county in Arizona.

O’Doherty realized he had a passion for helping others from the very beginning of his career. Starting in education, he then transferred to working with nonprofit organizations when he discovered how a child’s home environment can also affect their school life as well.

Celebrating 10 years since Porter moved a hospital

August 25, 2012 – August 25, 2022. Ten years ago Porter Regional Hospital (now known as Northwest Health – Porter) brought the future of healthcare to Northwest Indiana.

On August 25, 2012, the new hospital opened its doors at 85 East US Highway 6. Beginning at 6 a.m. that morning, Porter moved a hospital. Thirty-five ambulances safely transported 95 patients to the new hospital in less than five hours.

Tails wagging everywhere at the Lake Shore Pup Crawl

Look at all the wet kisses and wagging tails at the Lake Shore Pup Crawl!

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Thomas Jefferson Middle School Convocation

More than 600 students at Thomas Jefferson Middle School (TJMS) were on the edge of their seats with excitement as Valpo alumni and Purdue University basketball icons Brandon Newman and Robbie Hummel spoke to the kids about overcoming hardships on May 25.

GreatNews.Life Wrapped

Happy News Year & a happy holiday, We've got one more present for you! Before we kick off the new year let's look back at 2021 and all the GREAT NEWS we covered. Hit play below to open up your very own GreatNews.Life Wrapped and get ready for an even GREATER 2022!