Top 5 2015 Spring Health Articles for ValpoLife

2015 has been off to a healthy start with some great stories from the Valpo community. Here are our top 5 picks for the best health-related articles for ValpoLife!  

Porter Regional Hospital's "Colonoscopies Made Easy" Night Educates Community On Colonoscopies

Porter Regional Hospital makes it a priority to educate those in the community about pressing health issues. Porter accomplishes this by hosting several lectures conducted by healthcare professionals

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WWII Veteran Gets Great Honor at Avalon Springs

A veteran was recently recognized through a program called Hospice for Heroes at Avalon Springs Health Campus in Valparaiso. Louis Hoelle, a resident since September 2014, served in the United States Navy during WWII, and his family and community wanted to show him the respect that he and many other veterans deserve.

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Porterfield Family Chiropractic Gets a "Thumbs Up" From Many

Finding a good doctor who is consistent is hard. But thanks to the power of the review, you can get an inside look on what real patients have to say about their doctors. Case in point: Porterfield Family Chiropractic. There are multiple people who have great things to say about the good doctor and his practice. Take a look below to see what everyone had to say!

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Vale Park's Dr. Sheller Delves into Canine Reproduction

The staff at Vale Park Animal Hospital takes pride in all of the services that they offer. Emergency surgery, orthopedics, integrative medicine, behavioral services… these are just a few of the offerings that pet owners can utilize at the facility. But did you know that Dr. Mary Ann Sheller specializes in reproductive services at Vale Park?

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Growing Smiles is Creating a Growing Number of Smiles

A huge fear for many is going to the dentist. I confess that I have this fear myself. The dentists, hygienists and oral surgeons that I have dealt with are great as people, but it’s the experience that I dislike. A doctor can be top-notch in skill and have the ability to fix all sorts of problems that arise, but if the patient doesn’t feel respected or safe, then all of that goes out the window.

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