Top 5 2015 Spring Videos for ValpoLife

2015 has brought some amazing people from the Valpo community into the spotlight. Here are our picks for the top 5 videos forValpoLife!

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The Hipknoties How-To Brought To You By Bargain Barn

Want to know what the hottest item is right now? In this video showcasing Bargain Barn's biggest item for sale is LIFE's Jenny Craig-Brown. She is demonstrating the Hipknoties - an incredible piece of fabric that is ready for any occasion. To find out more information on this amazing product please visit Bargain Barn, Inc's facebook page:

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Commercial Landscape Installation By Holleys Landscaping

One of many areas of expertise provided by Holleys Landscaping is commercial landscape - a field that got Holleys off it's feet. Thom Holley, the owner of Holleys Landscaping, explains what his company can do for a commercial project and how they ensure that the job will be done. To find more about Holleys you can visit their facebook page:

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Eddie Melton on NIPSCO

Being on of the Public Affairs Managers for energy company NIPSCO means so much more than being a part the company. For many who work for NIPSCO it means to be a part of the community, to give back to those they serve. Eddie Melton, Manager of Corporate Citizenship and Employee Involvement, is one of many who "don't just hand out checks" - he is there front and center with the organization to help with some of the region's worthy causes.

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Healthy Transformation

Tired of being out of shape and continuing an unhealthy lifestyle? Well, Healthy Transformation is here to change that. The program isn't a diet - it's a life changing program that will help better your health further than losing weight. We sat down with some of the program's patients to talk about how the program has transformed their lives for the better.

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 A Celebration of Life

Ideas in Motion Media recently celebrated out 6th Birthday of bringing good news to the community. Watch our LIFERS talk about what has been so amazing about these last 6 years and what it means for to be a LIFER.