Top Locations for Date Night in Valpo

Top Locations for Date Night in Valpo
By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: August 28, 2017

Whether you’re just starting out or have been married for ages, there’s still something magical about getting ready and heading out for a date night. With all the options in Valparaiso, there’s sure to be something to please everyone. For a first date or one of many, the area boasts some amazing places to spend a few hours together.

On Thursday, we asked you for your favorite places to go on a $50 date in Valparaiso. You gave us a bunch of great responses! Here are our favorites:

Valpo-Date-Night-Round-Up-2017_02Stacks Bar and Grill:
Kayla Marie: Greg Reeves and I would spend it all at Stacks. Those sweet potato tots are so worth every penny.

Chad Williams: Stacks is our favorite.

Emily Osberg: Stacks Bar and Grill if you want a nice formal, inexpensive date with good food!!

Jenny Heinen Martin: I would love to try out Stacks! I hear such wonderful things about it. My husband and I have not been there.

Sandi Eisenmenger Poulos: Stacks...without question!

Lisa Hamscher: Stacks!!! Always Stacks!!!!!

Taylor Burkholder: Stacks Bar & Grill! Such a cool vibe and great food!!

Donna Steffus Paulk: Radius! Always good food!

Sara Marie: Aftermath and then radius!

Valpo-Date-Night-Round-Up-2017_04Meditrina Market Cafe:
Jana Helgens Rittgers: Meditrina!!!

Jillian Kucik: Meditrina then Elements Wine Bar.

Kimberly Coto: Meditrina Market Cafe.

John Early: Meditrina or Stacks.

Linda Lethorn Stack: Meditrina Market Cafe.

Valpo-Date-Night-Round-Up-2017_05Main + Lincoln:
Dani Carter Iddins: Main+Lincoln without fail. Best in town, for sure!

Monika Katzfuss-Kosloske: Dinner at Main & Lincoln.

Valpo-Date-Night-Round-Up-2017_06Zao Island:
Dan Petreikis: Zao Island is a GREAT choice! Food and fun, all in one stop! That, or the 49er Drive-In and a walk at Sunset Hill County Park.

Joe Wright: Jamie Wright, we'd probably go to Zao Island.

Annmarie Kohler: Batting cages at Zao Island for some fun and then over to stacks for dinner.

Valpo-Date-Night-Round-Up-2017_07Aftermath Cidery & Winery:
Laurie Mullet: Aftermath hands down.

Emily Kennedy: Ricochet then onto Aftermath!

Valpo-Date-Night-Round-Up-2017_10Casa Del Mar Mexican Bar & Grill:
Brittany Navara: Margarita night at Casa Del Mar Mexican Bar & Grill.

Tomato Bar:
Jordan Love: Tomato Bar Valparaiso.

Emily Sheahen Feller: Tomato Bar!

Valpo-Date-Night-Round-Up-2017_08Tony’s Place:
Betty Buergler-Franz: I'd take my husband to Tony's Place since that is where we got engaged 33 years ago!

Valpo-Date-Night-Round-Up-2017_09Figure 8 Brewing:
Victor Ray: Figure 8 brewery for dinner & drinks.

Some of you went above and beyond and gave us a full evening of activities, too!

Robyn Walsworth: Stacks Bar & Grill, or Radius, followed by ice cream at Valpo Velvet Ice Cream or a salted caramel milk chocolate from South Bend Chocolate Company.

Tony Comegys: I would go to the Old World Market, load up on some caviar, crème fraîche, crackers and a chilled white wine. Then go to the park or pavilion and eat and drink slowly. After a walk, stop in at Designer Desserts for a fancy cupcake. Later, drive 5 minutes east and tip cows.

Lauren Elizabeth: Quiche at Blackbird, ice cream at Valpo Velvet then, a walk around our beautiful downtown, and a selfie with Orville.

Jeff Mullen: Beef Mart for some steaks to grill, then Triangle Liquors for some beer to drink on the porch while we watch the sun set…

Doug Hinchman: If it's a Tuesday I go to Shoes Pizza for half price wings and then Cinemark for a half-priced movie. A full date for under $25.

Leslie Curry: A visit to the Porter County Museum and ice cream at Valpo Velvet Ice Cream then enjoying Central Park Plaza.