Traci Fisher is Helping More Smiles at Growing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

Traci-fisherTraci Fisher is one of the many smiling faces that you will see when you enter Growing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Valparaiso. Traci is the Office Coordinator, and she makes sure that things run smoothly, and that the smiles that come in are just as big when they leave.

“I check people in, answer questions, and take care of the administrative work,” Traci said. “I do the behind-the-scenes stuff for Dr. Corns.”

Traci came to Growing Smiles in September 2014. Dr. Carisse Corns, owner of Growing Smiles, was in need of an Office Coordinator and she heard of Traci through the grape vine. She decided to give the job a shot and she’s been here ever since.

“I love it here,” Traci exclaimed. “Dr. Corns is wonderful. She’s the most compassionate person I’ve ever met. She truly cares about her job and her employees. It’s a very family-oriented environment and it’s absolutely wonderful to work here. The staff is amazing and they are wonderful with the kids."

A Chesterton native, Traci worked for many years at an animal hospital. When she had her son she took on the role of stay-at-home mom. When she decided to come back to work she aimed for the dentist industry.

“I love the field. I’m fascinated with teeth. It’s the very first thing I notice about a person,” Traci said. “It’s amazing what your teeth do for your health.”

And she loves kids so it’s a match made in dental heaven.

“Kids are so honest and I love that,” she said. “The things that come out of their mouths all day long are just so cute. I love seeing them experience the work we do here, and come out unafraid. When they come in they’re pretty awe-struck by all of the things we have for them: TV, toys, video games, the treasure tower… Oftentimes we have parents who have a hard time getting them to leave.”

"We're trying to stop the stigma that is associated with going to the dentist," Traci continued. "We don't want the kids to be afraid to come here. They have a lot of fun and we have kids as young as two and three letting us clean their teeth."

 Outside of work, Traci loves to swim, read, and go camping with her family. 

"We camp every chance we get," she said. "We'll head to the dunes, southern Indiana, other campgrounds, any time we have a free weekend we go. I love having nothing to worry about other then where you plan to hike next."

So if you're looking for a great place to bring your little ones, bring them in to Growing Smiles to meet Traci and the rest of the sweet staff.