TradeWinds’ Annual Picnic gets Generous Donation from Strack & Van Til

TradeWinds Services, Inc. held their annual consumer picnic for their students on Friday morning. A day filled with activities like water slides and basketball was catered by the fine folks at Strack & Van Til.

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“This is the Consumer Picnic. We have it every year,” said TradeWinds receptionist, Veronica Castillo, who helps run the picnic. “The staff cooks for the students. The kids from summer camp will be there and eat, too. There is a talent show and a dance-off. The students love it every year. It is a very fun event.”

For the staff at TradeWinds, it was a good chance to get outside and show their appreciation for the kids. And for the kids, it was a great opportunity to let loose, eat some good food, and have some fun.

“This is really about just having a fun day,” Director of Development and Marketing for TradeWinds, Steven Conger, said. “The kids are always looking for a reason to celebrate and this day lets them do that.”

But for everyone involved, the day was really about being together.

“Just being with these kids is my favorite part,” Conger added. “They always just bring me joy when I am around them.”

And it’s that joy in the kids that inspires Strack & Van Til to donate the foods every year to the annual picnic. It is something that TradeWinds truly appreciates.

“Strack & Van Til and our other sponsors are what make this happen,” Conger said. “We appreciate all they do to help us help them achieve.”

It is safe to say it was a great day of a community and local businesses coming together to make some good news happen in Northwest Indiana.