Tri Kappa Sponsors Free Preschool Vision Screenings

EyeglassesTri Kappa sorority of Valparaiso is sponsoring preschool vision screenings. Volunteers will be screening over 350 four and five year-old children for Amblyopia - a problem in the way the brain interprets visual images from one or both eyes. Screening sites include Little Lamb, 1st Presbyterian, Montessori Academy of Valparaiso, Our Littlest Angel, YMCA (Cumberland & Bridgeport), Immanuel Lutheran, Tiny Tim's, and T.L.C. Screenings will take place on Monday, November 18th and Wednesday, November 20th.

Amblyopia can make it harder for children to do many things like read a blackboard from a distance or catch a ball. Treatment for amblyopia can correct the way the brain processes visual images and ultimately strengthen vision. The earlier the treatment starts, the better. Waiting or not getting a proper diagnosis for a child could lead to irreversible vision loss down the road.

Tri Kappa is honored to provide this service to the children of Valparaiso and is dedicated to the advancement of Charity, Culture and Education in our community. Members of Tri Kappa would like to thank the Valparaiso area residents for their continued support.