Tudor Carpet One Floor & Home Embarks Upon Partnership with Valpo Parks

Tudor Carpet One Floor & Home Embarks Upon Partnership with Valpo Parks


“Keep calm and support your local business!” This motto rings true at Valparaiso’s Tudor Carpet One Floor & Home, as they just recently implemented a channel to support another local business they feel strongly about. For every hardwood floor purchased, $25 of that sale will be donated to the Valparaiso Department of Parks and Recreation to plant a tree.

Jan Tudor, owner of Tudor floors, spoke about the fuel behind the partnership.

“This idea has been going on for years. We sell a lot of wood floors, and we’ve just been thinking about the right avenue to donate to. We are on board with giving back to the earth what we’ve taken away. That’s why we decided to partner with the Valparaiso Park Department," Tudor explained.

Essentially the engineered wood that is being used in service is harvested, and not typically chopped down. The idea is to harvest what has already been installed in a customers home or business.

Dan Lukes, the adult recreation director at Valparaiso Department of Parks and Recreation, explained the idea behind small businesses supporting other small businesses.

“We are both local, and even though it’s a small donation, it’s still something. A lot of local businesses don’t have a lot to give, but if they have an opportunity to give some over time, it definitely adds up.”

Donations to the Valparaiso Department of Parks and Recreation can support a number of causes.

“Donations keeps the cost of programs down, and also help us plant trees and flowers. If you drive downtown, you will notice them. The work and care we put into central park, the Old Fairgrounds Park or anything, it’s a lot of undercover work,” Lukes said.

Tudor expressed the deeper meaning behind their donations.

“This is not only a way to give back, but a way to promote small businesses too. We want to thank our customers, and let them know what we are doing and where their dollars are going. This is just the start.”

If you are interested in either of these small local businesses you can find Tudor Carpet One Floor and Home and their services at www.tudorcarpetonevalparaiso.com, and Valparaiso Department of Parks and Recreation at www.valpoparks.org.