Tudor Floors & More Carpet One stays focused on community and customer service

Tudor Floors & More Carpet One stays focused on community and customer service

Tudor Floors & More Carpet One has been around for more than 50 years and is a prominent business in the Valparaiso community. How have they remained at the top for so long? Customer service.

At Tudor, it’s all about making the customer happy and comfortable. At many big box flooring stores, it’s all about the commission, but at Tudor, the sales team doesn’t make commission, so you don’t have to worry about them pushing you to make a quick penny. 

The family-owned business is made up of only eleven crew members including four dedicated sales staff members. Courtney McDougall, the administrative assistant at Tudor, wants the community to know just how much they care. 

“We just don’t want our customers to feel the sense that they’re being pushed or pressured and by doing this, it establishes a sense of honesty in a way,” McDougall said. “This way, you can see how much the sales staff actually cares because we want the customers to actually be happy, we want them to come back.”

At Tudor, they want to get it right the first time. They don’t want customers to come back and have an issue because they didn’t ask the right questions. The sales staff is knowledgeable on all of the company’s products and are trained to ask the right questions to find the right flooring that best fits the customers' needs. 

“Most of [the sales staff] have been doing their jobs for 10-12 years, so they definitely know what they’re doing,” McDougall said. “They’re awesome.”

Because Tudor is local, they’re able to give back to the local community. According to McDougall, they donated a carpet remnant to Giant Paws Rescue to help with one of their dogs who was having trouble walking, rugs to classrooms, ceramic tile pieces for art projects at schools, and a red carpet for Opportunity Enterprise’s Night to Shine prom at the Nazarene Church.  They also donate gift certificates to non-profits like Opportunity Enterprise and The Caring Place to use as silent auction items at their annual Galas.

“We give back to our community to support in a small-scale way that can make a big impact,” McDougall said. “We’re able to do more in the community because we’re in the community ourselves; We know what’s going on and are eager to help where we can.”

Another perk that makes Tudor different is their installers. They provide subcontractors that they know have been working with them for years. Because they’re subcontractors, they’re able to work anytime during the week or even on the weekend. Plus, Tudor provides their excellent customer service even after the job is done.

“These installers are so skilled, and the proof is in their work. They’re really talented, and we’re really grateful for each of them,” McDougall said. “If there was ever a manufacturer defect, we take care of it and do whatever we can possibly do to correct the issue.”

The Tudor culture is taking care of the customers first, because as McDougall put it, that’s just good business. 

Check out Tudor Floors and More Carpet One at www.tudorcarpetonevalparaiso.com