Tuesday rituals with Blackbird Cafe

Tuesday rituals with Blackbird Cafe

On the busiest of days, it’s imperative to set aside a lunch time. While this may sound like a simple enough piece of advice, it’s absolutely true. Becoming bogged down in projects that distract you from the most basic of necessities, like nourishing yourself, is a surefire way to cause both your health and your work to suffer. So take that half hour or hour, set aside your spreadsheets or those papers you’re grading, and focus on the simple happiness that correlates with food. 

At GreatNews.Life, we have a biweekly ritual of getting treats from Blackbird Cafe on Tuesdays. Some of us indulge in our favorite meals, while others prefer a caffeinated pick-me-up to save for later. Whether we dine together, separately, or are still in the bad habit of lunching at our desks, it’s a nice ritual to have. 

Here are some portraits from one of our most recent Blackbird Tuesdays, with some insight on our favorite orders.

Julia is so photogenic. We hope both Blackbird Cafe and Harvard University see this photo and use it for promotional purposes.

“I love to order the chicken pesto panini with a cold brew to go with it. The panini is exploding with yummy pesto and tomato flavor, and the chicken is always cooked just right. The cold brew, along with caramel flavoring and a splash of milk, is the perfect amount of strong and sweet to help me power through my work day.” Julia Demma, Contributing Editor

Her smile says it all...

“I love the Blackbird Blend. The robust flavor of the coffee is nice on a cold fall day, with hints of a smoky porter. Sometimes I get a splash of flavor for the season, but this time I had raspberry and white chocolate added, and it really brings out the dark roasted bean flavors.” Stephanie Swearington, Operations and HR

Hunkering down to reflect on why this sandwich is so delicious.

“I always order the Green Eggs and Ham breakfast sandwich, with bacon substituting the ham because this girl loves bacon, and a friend recommended that to me and now I’ll never go back. I mean, can you believe a sammie with this title exists? The bookworm in me was drawn to that title, and now my tastebuds are always drawn to that pesto bite.” Kayla Belec, Contributing Editor

“The BLT with a bite …. What can I say?... I absolutely love this sandwich. I order it every time we go to Blackbird.  A stack of bacon paired with avocado, a tomato, chipotle mayo and topped off with a pretzel bun makes for a scrumptious sandwich.” Kole Rushmore, Contributing Editor

Zavier is not ready for the last savory bites of his sandwich to disappear, but he also cannot wait to devour them...

“I really enjoy the Chicken Pesto Panini sandwich. I think that the sandwich offers a lot and it’s offered at a great deal!” Zavier Colon, IT

“I normally get their chicken with peppers panini. It has a really good balance of veggies and meat and it always comes nice and hot.  I like to pair it with fresh fruit and a strawberry mango smoothie. It’s a good contrast to the warm panini.” Naphtailia Ruth, Executive Assistant

Believe it or not, this photo is not staged. Naphtalia is just a perfect human being.

“I can't leave Blackbird Café without getting a pound of the whole bean Kona coffee. In the morning, when I grind the beans, my whole kitchen smells like a giant, perfectly-medium-roasted coffee bean, and it's a bit silly how happy it makes me every day. For me, it's a perfectly-balanced coffee - not too strong or bitter, but with just enough kick. I've even given Blackbird coffee, both whole bean and ground, as gifts and it always goes over really well for my coffee-loving friends. Especially as a house-warming gift!” Stacey Kellogg, Editorial Director

“Love my Highlander Grogg so very much! This is the most amazing coffee and makes my day brighter every time I get it.” Jenny Craig-Brown, Executive Team Leader

Hey, Jenny, can we get some selfie classes?

"I’ve always been a picky person, but I stepped out of my box after everyone at the office raved about the panini.  I have been getting the chicken pesto panini ever since then and never looked back. It’s always nice and crispy on the outside while the inside is still moist. And if you like hot chocolate, it's even better when they add toasted marshmallow syrup." Kami Tupiak, Administrative Assistant  

Kami's vote makes for three for the Chicken Pesto Panini. Guess you need to give it a try?