Tye George Manages Many Plates at Fiddlehead

Tye George Manages Many Plates at Fiddlehead
By: Contributor Last Updated: April 25, 2018

Tye George is someone with a lot on his plate as the kitchen manager of Fiddlehead Restaurant. He has many tasks to balance at once, but doesn’t let that stop him from enjoying his time in the fast-paced kitchen.

“Most of my day I am the expediter,” explained George. “I make sure everyone is okay and send the food out to the servers. I do a little bit of everything to stay focused.”

For over three years George has managed every aspect of the Fiddlehead kitchen. Having such a large responsibility doesn’t bother him, though, as George finds solace in having a lot to do. From aiding the servers to making sure the kitchen is running smoothly, he takes pride in helping everyone.

“I love doing everything,” said George. “We have a lot of different people here and we all just mesh. It’s fun and fast paced and it’s a lot different than anywhere I’ve worked before this.”

Fiddlehead’s success comes from the hard work of many people, but George is quick to give credit to owner, Aaron O’Reilly. O’Reilly provides an excellent example to his staff and remains an approachable leader for everyone.

“The owner Aaron, he’s really great. Most bosses I’ve had I never even talked to. But with him, I can meet him directly and discuss what I need to. It gets problems solved in a much faster way,” George said.

That connection to his boss is just one way Fiddlehead has set itself apart from previous employers. That, and O’Reilly’s willingness to listen to employee suggestions and incorporate them further into the business.

“With other places I’ve worked, I’ve gotten bored fast,” George said. “Here, there is always something happening and management listens to us. Aaron will listen to our suggestions on the menu and takes everything said seriously.”

Being listened to is only half of the recipe for an excellent workplace, though. George also values the staff and customers that surround him. Having spent hours with them, he feels a comradery and willingness to do a little extra to make sure they’re having an excellent day.

“The staff is one of my favorite things about this place,” said George. “Everyone here has a connection to someone on the staff and everyone has someone who they can go to if they’re having an issue. I’ve met a lot of interesting people working here.”

Be it the people, the food, or the management, there is a lot to enjoy about Fiddlehead. As someone on the frontlines of the business, George is happy to be able to experience every aspect of the restaurant.

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