United Way of Porter County thanks donors for their steady and continued support

United Way of Porter County thanks donors for their steady and continued support
By: Beth Ireland Last Updated: January 24, 2020

It is estimated that two out of five Porter County community members receive help through United Way of Porter County in some form. That means it is likely that one of your neighbors is receiving services via the United Way network. To care for that many residents, United Way could not do it without their donors.

“United Way’s impact in Porter County is much more significant than many people realize,” said Todd Leeth, United Way of Porter County Campaign Chair and Partner with Hoeppner, Wagner, and Evans. “Whether it’s early childhood development or resources to deal with drug addiction, United Way nonprofits come together to serve a wide breadth of Porter County residents.”

With such a large network, the support United Way receives from donors is extremely important. 

“I never want to lose track of the fact that the work of United Way benefits people – people who need help, who need a safety net, and that those donations do make a gigantic difference for our neighbors,” said Randy Zromkoski, United Way of Porter County Board President and

Partner and Managing Member of the law firm Blachly, Tabor, Bozik and Hartman.

The help United Way of Porter County offers is varied and wide-spread. From youth programs to food and housing programs to free tax preparation and volunteer services, there is so much good that comes from the United Way of Porter County and their partners. 

“The beauty of United Way is that it covers a lot of needs. The impact is so great because of its large network of partners and the fundraising that United Way does in order to support it,” Leeth said.

For more than 60 years United Way of Porter County has been helping those in need. United Way goes above and beyond to support Northwest Indiana residents. In the last year United Way helped families solve flood damage problems, reestablish residence after losing their homes to infestation and fire, and much, much more. United Way of Porter County is grateful for the opportunity to care for our community and to their loyal and generous donors for trusting in their ability to support locals in need.

“The message to our donors is one of gratitude - not just on behalf of United Way, but by everyone who is touched by the programming and services provided by UW and its partners,” Zromkoski said. “I want our donors to understand that their contributions make an incredible difference in the lives of so many people.”

“There are people and companies that have invested in us every single year and that allows us to build a strong network and be nimble to meet new needs as they arise. When United Way succeeds, the community succeeds, and so do our donors,” said Kasie Tenbarge, Director of Development for United Way of Porter County.

This year is extremely important when it comes to donations, as it is a matching year. For every new dollar that is raised, the Lilly Foundation will match it, dollar for dollar. 

 “If you can give a little bit more this year, it’s an impactful year to do so. An extra dollar is actually two extra dollars,” Leeth said.

The goal amount to raise for this year’s campaign is $1.5 million, and United Way of Porter County is close to its goal. There is, however, never an end to the needs of dollars and time, and United Way of Porter County knows that the community will rally around them in their continuing endeavors, as they have done for so many years.

“The residents of Porter County are very generous. They continue to fund the United Way so that it can be impactful. We couldn’t do the work without our great donors throughout the years,” Leeth said.

“We have such an amazing community and we are so fortunate that the folks here feel like they have a responsibility to help, and that they feel that pull to be able to do something. I think so much of it is about finding a nonprofit that you trust. We’re local stewards of their dollars. We can pivot quickly to answer immediate needs,” said Kim Olesker, President & CEO for United Way of Porter County.

Whether it is time or money, we can all make an impact in our neighbors’ lives by supporting United Way. Making a change in a person’s life can often come about through one small step. Take that small step forward by donating to United Way of Porter County. You can be assured that their stewardship and gratitude for your support will go far in helping out your neighbors.

“I firmly believe that we as human beings have a fundamental obligation to take care of our neighbors to see that they’re treated with respect, that they’re provided with the basic standard of living, provided with healthcare, and provided with reasonable education opportunities for their children,” Zromkoski said. “When you give of your time or financial resources to make that happen, that is something that pays back tenfold in a community.”

For more information on how to get involved or donate to United Way of Porter County, visit their website: https://www.unitedwaypc.org/donate

United Way of Porter County would especially like to thank the following donors: CSI, Hoeppner Wagner & Evans, Blachly Tabor Bozik & Hartman, Chester Inc, Meijer, and McAfee Animal Hospital.