UnitedHealthcare Fosters a Strong Connection With Brokers in Northwest Indiana While Engaging With the Community

UnitedHealthcare Fosters a Strong Connection With Brokers in Northwest Indiana While Engaging With the Community

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Whether it is for your car, home, or health, everyone needs insurance to keep life on track. One of Northwest Indiana’s long-time providers of insurance, UnitedHealthcare, visited Sand Creek Country Club for a community relations event to not only reveal new policies, but also to give back to the community it has served so long.

At the start of the meeting, bags full of non-perishable food items were loaded onto carts and taken to the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana. Any guest or employee attending the meeting was asked to bring donations, and they did not disappoint. Over 25 bags of food were delivered to the food bank to help the hungry in Northwest Indiana.

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Riley Egan, Events and Outreach Associate for the Food Bank, was very excited to be there.

“We love getting involved in the community. It's great that everyone here was able to bring food for us,” Egan said. “We have a new facility in Merrillville that is five times bigger than our literal red barn in Gary, so we’re super excited to be moving into that and see the impact on the community.”

The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana delivers groceries to over 200 families every week, and with the new facility, they will be able to help many more. After the food was taken to the food bank, Mike Telesky, the Vice President of Sales & Account Management at UnitedHealthcare, expressed how happy he was to donate to the food bank.

“Our mission at UnitedHealthcare is to help people live healthier lives, and that really starts by having healthy food to eat at home,” Telesky said.

He then started his presentation on UnitedHealthcare’s upcoming policy changes and enhancements. Having made improvements for businesses that range from two employees to over 3000, he wanted to update the insurance brokers with what is new and innovative in the insurance marketplace.

“We’re really hoping for more competitive pricing and rate options for employer groups in the marketplace with everything we presented today,” Telesky said.

John Pietrowski, Senior Account Executive of UnitedHealthcare, shared a similar sentiment, one based on a growing partnership between brokers and the insurance provider.

“We came out today to shake hands, say hi, and network with our brokers,” Pietrowski said. “We want our insurance brokers to know that they are in a partnership with us, and we respect that.”

UnitedHealthcare’s local office is headquartered in Chicago, so to show the stake they have in their providers in Lake and Porter Counties. They decided to meet in Chesterton at Sand Creek Country Club to enjoy an afternoon with beautiful scenery and great conversation. Piotrowski wanted to make sure the company goes out and distributes to everyone, not just the Chicago community.

“We want everyone to know that we’re not only Chicago, we’re in Northwest Indiana, too,” Piotrowski said.

Patrick Derr, a representative from Poe & Associates, was pleased with the information he learned and began looking forward to a future with UnitedHealthcare.

“It’s very informative; UnitedHealthcare is a great company,” Derr said. “We’ve heard a lot about them through the past and they have a lot of good products. We are excited to see what we can do with them.”

UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to providing great service to all of Northwest Indiana. Whether it’s through donating to a local nonprofit like the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana or fostering a connection with brokers, UnitedHealthcare is a constant and happy supporter of our community.

For more information about UnitedHealthcare, please visit www.uhc.com. For more information about the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana, please visit www.foodbanknwi.org.