Upcoming Projects at PTSC – All Tax Neutral: PTSC Weekly Update

porter-township-schools-logoThis year we've been talking about our strategic plan and items that need to be addressed with our school facilities. While there are many to consider, we are focused on being considerate of our community tax payers and want to address our facility needs without any increase to tax bills. As we have been working to plan this, our next steps involve addressing safety and energy efficiency at Porter Lakes Elementary School.

I have covered some of our needs in previous PTSC Weekly Updates (re-read them here and here) and we are now at the point of taking steps to plan just what that could entail. We have partnered with a group called EMCOR to begin to look at our needs at Porter Lakes and to help us develop a plan. The two goals of this project are first and foremost student safety followed by updates needed to the building that will result in a more energy-efficient building. On top of all of that our commitment has also been to do this all without causing an increase to tax bills. We are excited about these first steps as we begin to address the needs at Porter Lakes--watch for more information to come!

PTSC Standouts:
What a great week it was for the staff at BGHS! The students from the student council made the week very special through making posters, special little gifts, and an awesome lunch--all to appreciate the staff. I know I was personally thankful for the special thoughts and care that was shown to me--and I heard that from many other staff members as well. In case you didn't know--not only do we have a great staff, but we have some totally amazing students, too. Thanks to all who made us feel so special!

Did you know it is Administrative Assistant's Day on Wednesday? Make sure you tell your school office staff thank you for all of the hard work they do each and every day! I thank you, too!

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