Vale Park Animal Hospital Extends Hours for Their Clients, Both Four and Two-Legged

Vale Park Animal Hospital Extends Hours for Their Clients, Both Four and Two-Legged

Vale Park Animal Hospital strives to make each and every visit a great experience, and I am talking about their furry friends and their two-legged clients.

In the last few months Vale Park has extended its hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays - adding two hours from 6 to 8 p.m. - accommodating the owners, as well as the pets.

“For the past several years, we have been hearing from our clients that they needed later hours because they couldn’t make it to the office due to work conflicts, kids activities like sports, or any number of other scheduling issues,” Jackie Stalbaum, office manager, said. “We have clients who get off at 5:00 p.m. and can’t make it in. So, we wanted to add some evening hours to be able to bring their pets in.”

The extra hours can be used for appointments for animals as well as for prescription pick-up, food purchase, or discharges of pets from surgery and hospital stays.

In addition to the new hours, the animal hospital recently hired their sixth doctor, Dr. Brent Lakia. Dr. Lakia’s hiring was to accommodate the rising number of families choosing Vale Park for their veterinary clinic, Stalbaum added.

“The great benefit to our clients is that we are able to take a little stress out of their vet visit. Being able to go home after work, pick up your pet, and have an appointment even after dinner is a huge advantage for our patients because the sense of urgency that owner’s feel when trying to beat the clock after a long day of work sometimes will transfer to their pets, leading to a less than comfortable experience,” Dr. Lakia said. Joining Dr. Lakia on the late hours is Dr. Kim Juhlin, who specializes in nutrition and alternative therapies to augment traditional western medicine. “Dr. Kim and I both are excited to be able to make our client’s visit as comfortable and convenient as possible.”

The extended hours is just the start of some changes happening to the hospital to better improve the care and availability of the staff, Stalbaum added, and as more of these improvements begin to roll out, ValpoLife will be there to let you know all about them.

In the case of an emergency, owners are asked to call in for availability. Sometimes, if the need is greater than what the hospital can provide or if it is after hours, all pets will be referred to the emergency clinic of the North Central Veterinary Emergency Center in Westville, located on the campus of the Purdue University Northwest.

Whatever the situation, the staff at the Vale Park Animal Hospital wants to make every visit as smooth going as possible. If the human is walking out smiling and the tail is wagging next to them, then they can call the day a job well done.

To list the many services and informational resources provided by the Vale Park Animal Hospital could lead to a novel-length article, so the staff recommends going to the website,, to learn more about the hospital.

The hospital is located at 2606 Valley Dr. in Valparaiso and is always taking in new clients and welcoming in their shaggy, scruffy familiar ones.

To schedule an appointment, go to the website to email in a request or call 219-462-5785.

The hours of the Vale Park Animal Hospital are as follows. The hospital is closed on Sundays.