Vale Park Animal Hospital Offers Pet Boarding for 2015 Summer Vacations

Vale Park Animal Hospital Offers Pet Boarding for 2015 Summer Vacations

Summer is almost here and that means that it's time to start planning those family vacations. If you have a pet it may be more difficult because who will take care of him or her when you leave? You could board your pet, have a friend or family member stop by daily, or take your pet with you.

If you do decide to take your pet with you there are certain steps that you should take to ensure that everyone, including your four-legged family member, has a safe and fun time. Finding pet-friendly hotels and activities is important, having plenty of food and toys, leashes and other necessities is also important. But a really important step is microchipping.

A collar and ID tag are very helpful, but if your pet gets losts these items might not be enough to ensure the safe return of your pet to you. Vale Park Animal Hospital offers this service and would be happy to help provide an extra layer of safety for your pet.

A tiny microchip about the size of a grain of rice is implanted beneath your pet's skin between the shoulder blades. It's a quick, one time procedure that is inexpensive. The microchip is encoded with a number that is unique to your pet and it is viewable by most veterinary hospitals and animal shelters that have the scanners that can read the microchips. Upon scanning, contact information available on the chip will be revealed making it possible for your pet to be returned to you.

For more information on microchipping call us at 219-462-5785.