Vale Park Animal Hospital Teaches Employees to Use CPR on Pets

Vale Park Animal Hospital Teaches Employees to Use CPR on Pets

Vale Park Animal Hospital’s Dr. Lisa Booth gave a guided pet CPR class to the employees of the Vale Park Animal Hospital on Sunday, November 24th.

The class was mainly focused on guided CPR and the reverse-Heimlich maneuver on dog and cat mannequins, and also briefly touched on what to do in pet emergencies such as drowning cases, eye infections, broken toe nails, nose bleeds and even what to do in the case of your pet being sprayed by a skunk.

Dr. Booth filled the class with interesting stories of personal hands-on experience of her times working at the emergency vet clinic to make the class more personal and relatable. The employees of the Vale Park Animal hospital were all able to perform simulated CPR and Heimlich maneuvers under the supervision and instruction of Dr. Booth.

Dr. Booth will also be holding pet CPR and emergency situation classes for the general public starting next year, hosted at the Vale Park Animal Hospital. She is also on the board of directors of “Kits for K9’s” a non-profit organization that supplies first aid kits to the police force K9s,.

“Teaching this class is really important to me and I love teaching the K9 officers the pet CPR just as much. I really want to spread the word about the Kits for K9’s and I raise as much possible money to give back to the police force, we need to help them out as much as possible,” she explained.

If you are interested in taking a pet CPR class and learning how to better care for your pet in the case of an emergency, you can contact Vale Park Animal Hospital and sign up for one of the three classes being taught by Dr. Booth.