Vale Park Hospital’s 2nd Annual Howl-a-Ween Party

valeparkanimalhospital-petparade-2012(104)Vale Park Animal Hospital hosted their 2nd Annual Howl-a-Ween Party. It was a great turn out, and many animals came in different types of costumes. Jamie Ellis and Jaclyn Rodriguez organized this event.

"Our mission outreach was to have fun and hopefully teach the community how to take care and have fun with their pets,"Ellis said.

The parade was led by Angela Stalbaum and her four-year-old miniature horse, Bonita, dressed up as a witch. Some of the guests attending the parade were: Elvis, Superman, The Fire Marshal, an Indian, and lets not forget Jack the One Eyed Cat!valeparkanimalhospital-petparade-2012(39)

Besides the main event, there were giveaways, goody bags, food and games, and at the end of the day you could stop by to get a photo taken by Jeff and MeganMurrell.

The staff was just delighted that Shawn brought in his pet snake, Athena a Ball Python, to get an ultrasound taken of her stomach. The children were equally excited to see what was inside their snake's stomach.

The Howl-a-Ween Party was a great turn out this year, and I can not wait to come back next year and see all the new costumes.valeparkanimalhospital-petparade-2012(105)

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