Valentine’s Day 5K Run Results & Photos

By: Barbara Jo Adkins Last Updated: February 14, 2011

On Feb. 13, 2011 the annual Valentines 5K Run was held at Valparaiso High School. The race took off at 10am with the sound of the horn. Organizing the race were Valparaiso High School XC and Track Coaches, Mike Prow and Arron Crague, as well as many volunteers. The weather was perfect for this time of year for running, it was sunny and temperatures were right around 40 degrees. Approximate number of people that came out to run were estimated to be around 400 with 160 signing up race day. Unique categories for this race include: couples, father-daughter and mother-son as well as age divisions. Winners received a trophy in their divisions. Congratulations to all that came out to run!

Coach Mike Prow "Thank you to all the volunteers for all your hard work and to Valpolife for coming out today"

Age Group ResultsNameAgePlace OverallTime
Overall Female Open WinnerKaren Nagel311819:13.3
Overall Male Open WinnerErik Forehand28115:53.5
Overall Female Masters WinnerMichelle Taylor534021:24.9
Overall Male Masters WinnerLeo Frey44818:07.5
Female 8 & UnderNicole Brandy815529:07.4
Sierra Lake828141:28.4
Male 8 & UnderBib # 1504 (no name given)21031:52.6
Jerry Fuller725536:29.4
Bib # 1833 (no name given)27738:12.8
Female 9-10Hailey Mundell1017129:37.2
Arden Estep923834:55.1
Eve Masson926437:05.2
Male 9-10Sam Stiaziwski96923:42.7
Eli Seward1017829:52.3
Jacob Beehn918930:32.3
Female 11-12Hannah Seward1212227:00.2
Kara Nelligan1212427:10.4
Megan Dalton1115729:08.5
Male 11-12Daniel Dalton123320:48.6
Carl Frey114321:37.5
Thomas Lyp1210626:05.3
Female 13-14Haley Cushway142720:01.8
Sophie Seward143521:05.3
Alexandra St. Amour136123:21.7
Male 13-14Ryan Witt141919:28.8
Tylor Hudson132319:44.2
Oscar Palin143020:42.7
Female 15-18Brigid Scannell177023:43.2
Caitlin Nelligan157724:12.9
Liz Schlichting157924:20.8
Male 15-18Andrew Jankowski15317:28.2
Peyton Reed17417:28.2
Jordan Galligan15517:30.9
Female 19-24Heather Markwell236523:32.1
Lisa Nedberg228124:25.7
Rebecca Birky229125:03.8
Male 19-24Craig Hammond241418:38.4
Joshua Current231719:10.2
Steven Schmidt242219:42.7
Female 25-29Natalie Danko298024:23.4
Amy Blue278925:00.3
Katelin Kohn2512627:24.3
Male 25-29Steven Burgarin25216:06.1
Scott Stalbaum271018:22.5
Patrick Wilkins293220:48.5
Female 30-34Tracy Djordjevic345222:29.8
Iris Davis349425:18.5
Gina Fastero319525:22.8
Male 30-34Joe Starkey315522:53.9
Kyle Blythe308424:51.5
Ron Termini3411526:28.5
Female 35-39Yvette Lambersie364722:07.1
Laura Lara389025:03.4
Kelly Flannery3914728:44.1
Male 35-39Ryan Kwiecinjki362820:24.8
Mike Dehaven394421:48.3
Christopher Davenport367423:59.5
Female 40-44Heather Henderlong404521:54.7
Michelle Stelmack426723:39.2
Linda Murkve446823:40.3
Male 40-44Jerome Nelligan431619:07.9
Robert Alt435022:23.7
Scott Mundell445122:26.9
Female 45-49 Jane Schlichting45 11626:31.6
Denise Lindy4812827:28.6
Margaret Elia4714428:27.3
Male 45-49Christopher Barajas48 1518:49.3
Frank Johnson4734 20:53.3
John Sakelaris463921:24.7
Female 50-54Elaine Hendricks54 10726:13.5
Alicia McClean 5411926:49.6
Anita Oliver5214028:14.5
Male 50-54Michael Polite 5041 21:32.2
Jim Nickerson5356 22:55.9
Chris Kepa 516423:29.6
Female 55-59Kathy Regelin58 13427:59.4
Susan Peterson 56 21532:20.3
Rebecca Gaff58 21632:25.6
Male 55-59 John Vega588224:41.3
Frank Villegas 559825:34.5
Pat McCarrin5610125:41.2
Female 60-64Diane DuMonte Slater6213928:13.9
Linda Perry6416929:34.3
Carol Magill6019831:04.4
Male 60-64Steve Kearney 6213928:13.9
Tom Hutmacher6314528:27.7
Dennis Rotz 63 23031:20.7
Male 65-60John Stimley65200 31:14.5
Michael Moskalick6622232:59.8
Bob Hooper6928442.05.5
Male 70-74Duane Hibbs7418129:57.4

1st Place Couples- Mother/Son: Alicia & Michael DeHaven
1st Place Couples- Father/Daughter: Bill Meece & Jessica Bliss
1st Place Couples- class 1: Allison Mundell & Logan Redmon
1st Place Couples- class 2: Alek Seeley & Elena Lancioni
1st Place Couples- class 3: Alex Thompson & Stephanie Smith
1st Place Couples- class 4: Matt Keane & Sarah Keane
1st Place Couples- class 5: Tom Mangel & Patti Grant

Photos include:

  • Start of the race.
  • One of Valpo's finest, Police Officer Mike DeHaven winning 2nd in his age group along with his wife Alicia DeHaven and son Michael winning the Mother/Son catagory and their daughter Addison who cheered them all on during the race.
  • Couples winners Jeff West & Nicole Mertz
  • Steve Dalton & daughter Megan. Megan won 3rd in her age division.
  • Oscar Palin & Andrew Jankowski, both winning awards in their divisions.
  • Coaches mike Prow & Arron Crague w/ Corey Alfredson.
  • VHS XC Team members from season 2010