Valparaiso Americans is Filled with Champions

9-10-minor-champsThe American past time is implanted into us at a young age. Baseball is a fantastic sport and we love celebrating it and those who love to play it. The Valparaiso Americans, for example, is filled with young players with talent and drive that would impress anyone. This year brought many skilled players to the Valparaiso Americans Minor League Team. 

Here are our 2014 Minor League Champions!

Front row L to R
Michael Babcock, Isaac (Iceman) Siewin, Phillip Amones,
Second row L to R
Jackson Donley, Pete Leone, Caleb Bratcher, Brecken (Lights Out) Adams, Cam Urbaniak
Back Row L to R
Coaches Bryan Donley, Ryan Bratcher, and Todd Adams

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