Valparaiso Celebrates Completion of New 5-Points Roundabout with Tree Lighting

At 4:30 on Sunday evening, the Mayor Jon Costas gathered with members of the community to light the 20 foot evergreen tree in the middle of the city’s new roundabout on Calumet Avenue. The tree will grow to be 60 feet tall and bring beauty to the town for many years to come.

Mayor Jon Costas and members of the Valparaiso Parks Department made opening announcements in front of the dark tree for community members who attended. Costas put out a special thanks to American Structure Point and Walsh and Kelly for their design and construction of the roundabout, as well as the Redevelopment Commission for their work in organizing the adornment of lights on the tree, which was completed by Landscape Illumination, Inc.

Landscape Illumination, Inc. is an award winning landscape and seasonal lighting company that is located in Valpo and there were proud to take part in such a momentus event. They used only the highest quality lights on the tree and they took great care in making sure that it looked as beautiful as possible.

“There will be more developments in the landscape at the roundabout, and by the springtime the beauty of it will start to be seen,” said Costas.

To officially celebrate the completion of the roundabout, the mayor invited all kids under the age of 15 to join him in the lighting of the tree. They formed a huddle around the light switch and threw their hands up in the air when the lights were lit. The tree was illuminated with white lights.

Ben and Betsy Meints brought their two daughters because they wanted to take part in “Christmas-y” events during the holiday season.

Guest Kathi Woodworth, who gets around in a wheelchair said, “It is very beneficial to me that the city put this roundabout here. Before, I couldn’t get through this intersection, and now I can get around.”

As far as the driving of the roundabout is concerned, Costas said, “Just remember that it is a ‘slow dance.’ There is a certain rhythm to it. As long as you remember to take it slow and follow the rhythm, you should make it around safely.”

The South Bend Chocolate Factory provided hot chocolate with marshmallows and other snacks during the event.