Valparaiso High School Class of 2012 Academic Excellence Recipients

By: Valparaiso High School Last Updated: May 10, 2012

valpo-community-schoolsThe annual Valparaiso High School Academic Excellence Banquet was held on Sunday, May 6th, 2012 at the Strongbow Inn. Forty-five seniors and their parents and families attended the banquet along with selected educators the students named as influential in their academic careers.

Students were selected for their outstanding scholastic achievement based upon their grade point average through seven semesters of high school. VHS Principal James Doane presented commemorative medals to the top forty-five seniors in the 2012 graduating class.

The purpose of the banquet was to recognize the accomplishments these young people have made through their academic lives and to encourage them to use their gifts to accomplish their goals while influencing the lives of others. The guest speaker for the event was Brian Schafer who is the business director and executive producer of the Memorial Opera House as well as the manager of the Porter County Expo Center and Fairgrounds.

  • Ahmad Aljobeh
  • Alex Antonetti
  • Nadine Atallah
  • Taylor Brychell
  • Paige Dahlgren
  • Michael Dalton
  • Roshni Dhoot
  • Isaac Dulin
  • Monica Funk
  • Melissa Gronceski
  • Ashleigh Happer
  • Cassandra Henderlong
  • Megan Henderson
  • Cameron Heskett
  • Irena Hozo
  • Justine Johnson
  • Brandon Karcher
  • Daniel Karr
  • Theresa Kozelka
  • Allyson Kraft
  • Isaac Kurt
  • Nicholas Lamm
  • Brianna Lisak
  • Dion Low
  • Katelyn Marak
  • Rachel Mathews
  • Alexxandria Matisko
  • Katelyn McBride
  • Martin Meyer
  • Grace Mittelstaedt
  • Haseeb Mohideen
  • Kourtney Pony
  • Gabriella Ratliff
  • Sonja Schaefer
  • Madeline Schneck
  • Jeremiah Smith
  • Timothy Sorrells III
  • Ava Tan
  • Gregory Thome
  • Abby Timmons
  • Dimana Tzvelkova
  • Elizabeth Ufer
  • Rachel Wichlinski
  • Hayley Williams
  • Kali Yallourakis