Valparaiso High School closes out the 2018-2019 school year

Valparaiso High School closes out the 2018-2019 school year

What's Happened?

Things at Valparaiso High School are wrapping up starting with clubs and sports. Clubs like Le Cercle Francais, Writer’s Block, and Gay-Straight Alliance are having their last meetings with some members promising to return, some promising to convince a new member to join, and others who are moving on to the next stage of their schooling journey.

Along with clubs, events have started to die down as well. Some previous events included the “Spring Into the Arts” and the “Valpo Film Festival”, where interested students K-12 were able to film short movies that fell under categories ranging from “Adventure” to “ May the 4th be With You”. Students who participated did a wonderful job with their films.

Another event that is closing out the school year was the “Serenade of Spring” Performed by the VHS Choirs. Together, the Mixed Chorus, the Men’s and Women’s Choruses, and the Concert Choir performed a spectacular show for their audience. Each group performed a few songs for the audience that showcased each group’s strengths. The grand finale included all of the groups (Plus Valpo High Choir Alumni). They sang “How Can I Keep From Singing?” by James Mulholland.

Overall, this school year has been a great one, filled with many fun activities and events for students, staff, and families to enjoy. Not only have students at VHS learned a lot, but they’ve grown, learned, and formed friendships that will either blossom more over summer break, or start where it left off when the school year begins again. Have a great summer break everyone!

What's Going to Happen?

Unfortunately, the school year is ending, which means there are good things and “bad” things coming. First, the dreaded finals. But, with hard work, studying, and focus, students will be able to pass their end-of-semester finals and their classes.

Now, the good. On the last day of school, there is a certain excitement in the air. After the last bell rings and students are released, there is a feeling of anticipation for a long break that both students and staff need to recharge. Plus, for seniors, there is also the added feeling of excitement for what is ahead for them in the next steps of their lives, which can also be mixed with some nervousness. For all students, I think we can agree that graduation is a time of celebrating for what the graduates have done and what they will continue doing. Good luck seniors in the next steps in your lives.

Student Spotlight: Alicia Beutler

Alicia is a 17 year old sophomore who actively participates in the VHS Women’s Chorus and is a manager of the Valpo girls basketball team. Her favorite subjects happen to be world history because of the various topics they cover, and her favorite is Egyptian history.

Alicia is a bright, talented, outgoing student at Valparaiso High School, and I’m glad that I know her.

Adult Spotlight: Christina Arthur

Ms. Arthur is one of the VHS librarians. Although she’s not a teacher anymore, she helps students with many things. She’s been one of the school’s librarians for 10 years, but she’s been working in VHS for 24 years. She was inspired by students to become a school librarian when they explained to her that they loved to read, and she did too.

“I love Valpo, I’ve been here a really long time teaching. I don’t live in Valpo, but I plan to retire in Valpo someday,” Arthur said.

She is amazed at the new Valpo High look. She felt fortunate enough to be at VHS with the new library renovations and all the new space. When questioned on what the library has in terms of events coming up, she got excited and explained that the Valpo High library will have a new interactive room opened next year. This room will have activities that change every month and focus on technology. She explains that each month, any student who wants to create something out of the month’s theme is welcome to do so. Some months it will be an easier technology, and other months a higher, more difficult tech that will be placed in the room.

Every time I go into the library, Ms. Arthur is there and is ready to take on whatever she needs to that day. She helps students with so much more than checking out and restocking books. She’s such a kind, wonderful librarian and VHS is fortunate to have her.