Valparaiso High School Girls Cross Country Win 3-Way in Merrillville

On Tuesday, Sept. 13 Valparaiso faced off against LaPorte High School and Merrillville High School running the Merrillville course in a 3-Way meet. Merrillville has an ideal course for a cross country meet, it is flat, which is ideal for getting a PR (personal record) and visible virtually at all times.

Valpo won the meet with freshman Alison Mundell coming in 1st for the team and taking 2nd place overall to LaPorte's Lancioni. It was a run for the finish between the two and was a very close finish with only tenths of seconds between them at the finish.

Lancioni's time 19:22.2, Mundell 19:22.7. Mundell gained a PR on the course with a time of 19:22.  Tricia Joll came in next for Valpo placing 4th with a time of 20:30.

Scores for the Meet were:

Individual places and times are as follows:
Mundell 2nd-19:22
Joll 4th-20:30
Gazdich 5th 21:03
Fortney 6th 21:10
Owens 7th 21:14
Tullis 8th-21:29
Despoy 10th-21:34
Zygmunt 12th-22:18
Schlichting 13th-22:23
Greenawald 14th 22:30
Konrad 17th-22:58
Perez 19th-24:00