Valparaiso Kiwanis Club Hosts 2014 Pancake Breakfast

valpo-kiwanis-pancake-2014-oneOn Saturday morning, members of the Kiwanis Club in Valparaiso served around 2,200 people for their annual pancake breakfast.

The pancake breakfast is an event that Kiwanis Club has been putting together since 1962. Each year brings an opportunity for community members to enjoy a delicious breakfast, and help raise money for local organizations. The event was held in the Valparaiso High School cafeteria where a breakfast, cotton candy, a raffle drawing, and face painting were available.

valpo-kiwanis-pancake-2014-twoEvent hosts, Mark Connors, Tim Bucher, and Scott Carlson organized the event that included 100 Kiwanis Club members, along with 50 Key Club members from the High School. Bucher shared some of the details of the event, as well as his part in the club.

“Ive been on this committee since doing this since 1988," he said. " My job every year is to sell and compile tickets as well as general help during the meetings. This year we are serving around 2,200 people. We raise funds through tickets, sponsorships, cotton candy, raffle tickets, and people donating prizes, so that's all profit. When it is all said and done, we look to raise around $20,000. All of that money goes into the community that helps provide scholarship for kids and support organizations, such as The Boys and Girls Club, Opportunity Enterprise, and many others in Valparaiso.”

Bucher enjoys being part of the Kiwanis Club, and appreciates all the work that team members put into the event.

“This is a fun day because I get to see all of my friends. The Club is a great opportunity to give back to the community and build long-lasting friendships.”

Members of Kiwanis and Key Club donated their time and efforts to help raise these vital funds for the community. Kiwanis Club members Ray Cohen, and Jerry Moe, who worked the raffle table, shared their part in the event and what the club means to them.

“Today, our job is to sell raffle tickets for the prizes that were donated. The money is donated to charities all over for children. I think the club does great work and its good fellowship,” Moe said.

Both Cohen and Moe have been members for over 10 years and enjoy coming to the pancake breakfast.

“Oh, the pancakes are always delicious,” exclaimed both Cohen and Moe.

With sponsorships from Kelsey’s, United States Steel, Emerson, and many more, the Valparaiso Kiwanis Club were able to have another successful pancake breakfast, and earn money to give to various organizations around Valparaiso. Not only that, but they also served some crowd pleasing pancakes.

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