Valparaiso Parks Discovery Ranger Camp Chosen to Receive Power of Youth Grant

By: Valpo Parks Last Updated: July 13, 2010

Valparaiso Department of Parks and Recreation is now offering Ranger Camp scholarships with support from the United Way teen group, Power of Youth. Ranger Camp is an outdoor day camp for young teens entering 7th and 8th grade in the fall. The park department is offering 7 partial scholarships per week from July 19 – August 13. Recipients will have $40 of their weekly registration paid for by the Power of Youth grant. To qualify, registrants must be Porter County residents and must agree to attend all 5 days of the camp. The scholarship will be given first come, first served the first week. After the first week, preference will be given to campers who have not yet received the grant. To apply, please call or stop by the park office beginning July 13. valpo_parks

Ranger Camp was chosen because campers focus on building a strong foundation for the future by getting involved in the community, learning life skills and having lots of outdoor fun. Current Ranger Camp participants had this to say, “Ranger Camp is a fun and exciting new way to meet new people and see the different jobs people do around Valpo.” Jordan. “Ranger Camp is a great experience. ..I’ve met some great friends through camp and I’ll be disappointed next summer when I’m too old to come.” Maeve.

For more information about Ranger Camp, please visit the park website at or call the office at 219-462-5144.