Valparaiso Police Department Hosts Safety Class in January 2017

Valparaiso-Police-Department-Offers-Safety-Tips-in-2017_03The dangers people face in today’s society are concerning. Stories of active shooter incidents, workplace violence events, assaults and abductions have unfortunately become common in our news. Women are often targeted by criminals in many of these areas. While these dangers are real, people needn’t sit idly by, waiting to become victims. Vertex Improved Performance a Valparaiso-based company specializing in crisis preparedness is drawing a line in the sand.

Valparaiso-Police-Department-Offers-Safety-Tips-in-2017_01Lance Bella, the company’s founder and CEO is a former Master Chief of Emergency Services who utilizes his vast experience to help businesses, police departments and private citizens be prepared. He recently created a course designed specifically for women to teach them how NOT TO BECOME VICTIMS. The course teaches topics including home security, vehicle security, situational awareness and the behaviors criminals exhibit prior to striking. Skills include escape and evasion, what to do if locked in a vehicle’s trunk and escaping if bound with rope, duct tape and zip ties. Bella stated, “The time for being sheep in today’s society must come to an end.

Valparaiso-Police-Department-Offers-Safety-Tips-in-2017_02With the correct training, people can become situationally aware and tactically sound so they can in many cases avoid situations all together. But if crisis does strike, they need to know what to do to survive. We can teach them that.” Vertex is offering this course for citizens at the Valparaiso Police Department on January 28th. Anyone interested can register by going to the Vertex website at and selecting the Women’s Security Strategies seminar.