Valparaiso Police Drop Off Center for Prescription Drugs

By: Valparaiso Police Department Last Updated: August 26, 2010

More People Overdose from Prescription Drugs than Heroin or Cocaine valpopolice

The Valparaiso Police Department has announced they will be an official site for dis-guarding prescription drugs. The Valparaiso Police Department has partnered with the DEA, City of Valparaiso and Porter County Substance Abuse Council in providing a location to drop off prescription drugs.

The Porter County Substance Abuse Council provided the funding to purchase the drop off box which will be used to collect the prescription drugs.

Old prescription drugs left in your house many times fall into the hands of young children or teenagers. They then are consumed or sold making them more dangerous. Old prescription drugs can also be an environmental hazard when flushed into the water system.

Mark Giuffre, resident agent in charge of the DEA in Merrillville, said more people die from overdosing on prescription opiates than heroin and cocaine combined, and said 7 million people in this country are addicted to prescription pills. The drop off box is located in the lobby of the Valparaiso Police Department located at 355 S. Washington St.