Valparaiso “Snow Guys”

By: Chris Mahlmann Last Updated: January 18, 2010

Chris Horsley, shares more than just a passion for doing a good job keeping Valpo’s streets clear of snow, no matter day or night with his friend Clarke. They each have a pretty cool respect for Lee Evans, the “Downtown Guy”, who has probably been working these streets for 30 years. Chris says Lee is the master of how to ”just roll it perfect”, and to do that “you gotta know every cut”. He speaks of long days and nights where Lee perfected his touch, knowing every angle in Downtown Valpo, that has earned these guys admiration.

You can tell that the whole group has a passion to protect not just the downtown, “Downtown needs to be done. You’re talking livelihoods here”, comments Clarke, as well as every cul-de-sac parking lot throughout Valpo. “We have got 14 trucks running 11 routes, with 4 of those pickups, and we’ll drop a blade as soon as they make the call,” he adds.

Dan Vass, local apartment building owner, was out there last week also, working his tractor to make sure everything was cleared off around his buildings. He agreed with the others about the legendary status given to Lee. “Downtown is Lee’s. That’s it. This is his baby.”