Valparaiso University Celebrates 2024 Commencement

Valparaiso University Celebrates 2024 Commencement

Valparaiso University’s campus was abuzz with excitement as it celebrated its 2024 commencement on May 11. The conferring of degrees is a momentous occasion honoring the achievements of its graduating class. The ceremonies witnessed nearly 600 undergraduate and 250 graduate students crossing the stage of the Athletics-Recreation Center, marking the culmination of their academic journeys and the beginning of these exciting new chapters in their lives. 

“Members of the class of 2024, it is my honor and privilege to welcome you into the alumni community,” said Danielle Carter, the president of the Valparaiso University Alumni Association. “Graduation is a commencement, a beginning. As you begin the next chapter of your life, remember that Valpo and your fellow alumni stand beside you. I encourage you to continue your relationship as active alumni.” 

Graduations 2024 Valparaiso University Spring Commencement 2024

Graduations 2024 Valparaiso University Spring Commencement 2024 285 Photos
Graduations 2024 Valparaiso University Spring Commencement 2024Graduations 2024 Valparaiso University Spring Commencement 2024Graduations 2024 Valparaiso University Spring Commencement 2024Graduations 2024 Valparaiso University Spring Commencement 2024

The Commencement ceremonies were held in two sessions, with the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business taking center stage at 10:00 a.m. The afternoon session honored the graduates of the College of Engineering and the College of Nursing and Health Professionals at 2:00 p.m. Both ceremonies featured inspiring speeches, heartfelt congratulations, and the conferring of degrees, marking a significant milestone for the graduating class. 

Adding to the significance of the occasion, four distinguished 2024 graduates served as keynote speakers, sharing their unique perspectives and aspirations with their fellow graduates and the audience. Their voices represent the diverse talents and achievements of the graduating class, inspiring hope and optimism for the future. These graduate speakers included: Jillian Seger, B.A., Jaylen Jude, B.S.B.A, Lauren Kadlec, B.S.B.E, and Amanda Baur, B.S.H.S.  

“I am happy and excited that I get to address my class,” said Jude. “It’s an honor to be selected. My words of wisdom for my class are: don’t be afraid to ask for help and always seek out those who value you because they will always be in your corner.”

Another of the graduate speakers also personally shared her favorite memories and words of wisdom outside of her speech to help inspire prospective students to consider Valparaiso University as their future alma mater. 

“Valpo is such a tight-knit community and it was so special for my three years here,” said Bauer. “The professors know your name and you are so loved in the community. To incoming students, I recommend you take a step out of your comfort zone with Valpo. You will end up finding your people and your niche. Also, be confident in your social and academic abilities and always keep your head up.”  

The commencement ceremonies were further graced by the presence of Senator Todd Young, who delivered the keynote address to the graduating class. Senator Young’s distinguished career in public service, the military, and commitment to education inspired and motivated the graduates as they now embark on their post-graduation endeavors. 

“Each of you can make your own choice,” said Young. “Assess what interests you on an ongoing basis. You can make a meaningful difference in your community, state, nation, and across the world. Give your time and energy to your friends and the community. Class of 2024, time is indeed the most valuable commodity. We have so much work before us and so little time, but we must break these trends that squander time.” 

José Padilla, J.D., 19th President of Valparaiso University, provided his congratulatory remarks on stage. Padilla expressed his unwavering faith in his students’ capabilities to serve the world with great love. His words also promote the abundance of familial love the university has for its past, present, and future students. 

“God help anybody who disparages or insults a Valpo man or woman. They will rue the day that they do that,” said Padilla. “If they have to contend with you, they have to contend with the family. Today, you are graduating from being our sons and daughters to being our brothers and sisters. As enlightened men and women with hearts and souls, you are made to be servants to all. It is because of you that I have a lot more confidence in the future of this country.”

Valparaiso University’s 2024 commencement is a testament to the dedication, perseverance, and academic excellence of its graduating class. It is a day of celebration, recognition, and inspiration—marking the culmination of a bright future for graduates. Following commencement, families of students and professors came together to bid adieu to each other and to the academic school year. Now, the class of 2024 is off to their respective vocations. 

“My experience at Valpo has been amazing,” said Kadlec. “It has a great community. Some of my favorite memories were participating in undergraduate research and robotics. If you’re a prospective student looking at Valparaiso or already enrolled, do not wait to get involved. Valpo has so many opportunities.”

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