Valparaiso University TV launches new show “Watchya Reading?”

Valparaiso University TV launches new show “Watchya Reading?”

It has been said that some of the best ideas seem to come out of the blue, when you least expect it. This was just the case when close friends Mark Chamberlain and Steve Zelechoski sat down for their monthly breakfast outing and pondered Valparaiso University TV’s newest monthly broadcasted show “Watchya Reading?” The idea took flight after Zelechoski introduced to Ron Blatz, VUTV advisor and studio manager, and Katie Nickolaou, a senior co-producer and director.

“We invite interesting people who bring something new to every episode. As we continue to film, we are hoping to bring a combination of leaders, thought, academia, nonprofit organizations, VU professors and more,” Zelechoski said. “We have so many unbelievable people in this region and yet most of the time, others see them as unapproachable because they don’t personally know them. This show allows viewers to get to know these people on a more personal level through exploring a book that has influenced them.”

vutv2Behind the scenes of “Watchya Reading?” is a very busy team of students, including Elliott Budd, Perry Lerit, and Collin Luft, who are extremely passionate and hard working.

Chamberlain, who is also the CEO of Lakeside Wealth Management, explained some of the perks this show can provide viewers and community members with while they are searching for something new to read.

vutv3“The books that we have highlighted so far are usually ones our viewers and guests haven’t heard of or read yet. This show is a great opportunity to introduce and intrigue our audience to read something that they maybe wouldn’t otherwise,” Chamberlain said.

“A lot of times in college, students are put into leadership positions for the first time. This show really helps students find content and books that can guide them to become a more advanced leader and community member. This is the perfect time and a great way to learn about these things on a more interactive student-to-student perspective.”