Valpo High School Pep Rally Preps Football Team for Big Game Against Pirates

Valpo High School Pep Rally Preps Football Team for Big Game Against Pirates

A pep rally is a great way to get the student body, their parents, and the school’s sports teams riled up and ready for the big game. That’s exactly what Valpo High School did on Thursday evening when they held their Homecoming Pep Rally at Central Park Plaza in downtown Valpo.

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The event saw the entire football team show up on a series of flat-bed trailers to fill Central Park Plaza. Meanwhile, the cheerleading squad and the Valpo Vikette Corps, Valpo High School’s dance team, arrived to get the student body and the many VHS parents in attendance ready for Friday’s big homecoming game against the Merrillville Pirates.

The event featured cheer and dance routines as well as skits poking fun at the players from both the cheerleading squad and the Vikettes. There were also friendly competitions between the football players as they competed to unfold and wear frozen t-shirts. They also had to find, chew, and blow a bubble with bubble gum that was left at the bottom of a pile of whipped cream. Another game saw them compete in the “Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors,” which made the whole team eliminate each other one-by-one until one Rock-Paper-Scissors champion was crowned. In addition to those events, The Homecoming Court was also present and each member was asked questions by another student in a beauty-pageant style interview.

Emma Nieto, a member of the cheerleading squad, was having a great time helping entertain the great turnout for the Pep Rally.

“I’m really excited,” said Nieto, “This is my senior year, so it’s my last homecoming.”

There were also appearances by some of Valpo High School’s other student organizations and sports teams, such as the Drama Club and the boys’ soccer team.

For the parents, this was a special time to come together as a community and in support of the Vikings.

“I think it’s fun for the kids to know that people are supporting them,” said Linda Scarsella, mother of Michael Scarsella, one of the Valpo High School seniors and one of the captains on the football team, “And that they’re having a really good season this year.”

Linda’s husband Mark Scarsella was enjoying seeing the kids enjoy themselves.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the kids, the players, the cheerleaders, and the Vikettes to all get together and have a good time,” said Mark.

For the players, this was all about getting in the right headspace for Friday’s game against Merrillville while still having fun.

Wesley Sharp, a sophomore and wide receiver on the Viking football team, had a great time at the event.

“This was really fun,” said Sharp after the event, “It was really fun to see our team and all of the events that went on, it was a good night.”

Meanwhile, the Viking Quarterback Club, a support group for the Viking football team that was involved in making the entire pep rally possible by decorating the floats that the team rode in on and hosting the event, watched from the crowd as the kids and families enjoyed themselves.

Brian Bennett, the Vice President of the Quarterback Club, was there to watch the fruits of his organization’s labor.

“These kids work incredibly hard,” said Bennett, “the coaches lose a lot of time with their families to help our kids, so what better way to celebrate all their hard work than to get together and let them know that we’re here to support them in whatever way we can?”

Cyndi Rogers, Committee Chairwoman for the Quarterback Club and mother to Tim and Adam Rogers, both players on the football team, was emphatic when it came to what events like this are all about and who makes them all possible.

“It’s all about the boys,” said Rogers, “It’s all about the boys and the team, and the moms have given it 110% this year. It’s all about the boys and making it the best we can.”

As for the way this event turned out, it was pretty clear to Rogers that this was a major success.

“I think this was the best pep rally we’ve had in years.”