Valpo High School Winter Sports Awards Recognizes Excellence in Athletics

At Valparaiso High School, we take pride in our athletic accomplishments. Not only do our athletes manage to perform at a tremendous level, but they also remain humble and illustrate the true meaning of sportsmanship. VHS held its 2014-2015 Winter Sports Banquet on the evening of Wednesday, March 18, in the VHS auditorium.

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Principal Dr. Reid Amones welcomed athletes and family members with a warm introduction. He commended the athletes for being well-rounded individuals and admired their willingness to give back to the community. Additionally, he didn’t fail to mention the positive impact they have on the generations to come.

Amones said, “It’s amazing to think about the how many younger kids throughout the community look up to you as student athletes. All of you truly embody the definition of what being a positive role model means.”

This praise comes within reason! The Valparaiso Vikings overall had an extremely successful winter sports season. From basketball to cheerleading, Valparaiso had numerous athletes who were honored at regional and state level.

VHS Director of Athletics Herb Hofer said, “Emotions ran high at times, but our athletes’ devotion to each other remained strong. Our teams never fail to rise above any challenge and remain accommodating of any situation. We have worked really hard all year, and today we’re here to celebrate them.”

Throughout the evening, awards such as “Most Improved”, “Mental Attitude”, and “Most Valuable Player” were given out to those who have gone above and beyond to contribute to the team and challenge themselves. The following student athletes were awarded the MVP title: Senior Drew Paul (boys basketball), Senior Grace Withrow (girls basketball), Sophomore Rachel Reilly (cheerleading), Senior Rushelle Miller (gymnastics), Junior Isaiah Parrish (boys swimming), Freshman Elizabeth Simac (girls swimming), Senior Kimberly Jankowski (Vikettes), and Junior Austin Line (wrestling).

These awards were followed by a speech given by each coach about these individuals. Listening to these speeches made it evident that these athletes were clearly deserving of the “MVP” title.

Cheerleading MVP Reilly said, “I’m so honored to have been chosen as MVP this year. I really wasn’t expecting it. It’s been a great season and we’ve truly grown as a team. I’m very excited to see what the future has in store for us!”

As the evening came to a close, many athletes, specifically the seniors, began to experience a bittersweet feeling. Many have spent the last four years getting to know their teammates and coaches. This years Winter Sports Banquet ended their high school athletic careers off on a positive note.